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How to Make an Elephant Cake

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Hi guys, it’s Samantha again from Sweet Eats Cakes! In my last post I gave you all the ideas you need to throw a Wild Animal Kingdom jungle party and now, I will show how I made a cute little elephant for this awesome party!

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First up you will need to bake one 8” round cake and, one half ball cake. The half ball cake pan is a Wilton product, which can be purchased at most local craft stores.

Next, cut the 8” tier in half because we will only need one layer to achieve the correct height.

After you have one layer of the 8” cake you can place the half ball cake on top and, then carve down the sides so that the cake bottom cake is level with the half ball cake.

After you have carved your cake you can spread icing on the entire cake and set aside to firm up.

Next up, we will work on the board for the cake so that it will resemble grass that the elephant is sitting on. You will need to get a board approximately 14” x 10” (board size will vary depending on how big you make the legs) and cover it in fondant.

After the entire board is covered in fondant take green food coloring and add streaks of color to the fondant. Before the food coloring dries take a paper towel and pat the streaked area to give the fondant the appearance of grass.

Repeat this process until you have covered the entire board. After you have finished the board you can move on to covering the body of the elephant in gray fondant. Don’t forget to add some wrinkles.

When you have completed the board and body you can move on to shaping the legs and head out of rice cereal treats. I used rice cereal because it is easy to shape and also kids love it!

The head will be the hardest part of the body to shape. You want to make sure the head matches the size of the body you have so be sure to check it while forming the head.

After you have completed the head you can shape the legs. You will want to make sure the entire elephant will fit on the board you have cut so you may need to modify the legs a little to make sure everything fits.

After sculpting the head and legs you can cover everything in matching grey fondant and add some cute matching wrinkles. Then you can place the entire elephant onto your board.

At this point you will want to hide the gaps between the legs and the body by adding extra wrinkles (fondant) into those shapes.

Lastly, you add all the details to your elephant to make him come to life! For the ears cut a template out of paper to line up with the elephant before cutting them out of fondant.

Once you have the ears in place use paper towels or dowels to support the ears in place while they dry. You may need to add dowel supports behind the ears for extra stability.

If the border around your elephant is not as clean as you would like then you can add a simple grass border to hide the imperfections. Don’t forget his eyebrows, toenails, and tail.

So there you have it a cute little elephant to match your Wild Animal Kingdom party! I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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