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My name is Stephanie Keeping and I am in love with a little boy named Sam.

He has taught me that an awesome day includes jumping in every puddle you see.  That you should wear your Halloween costume to the grocery store in April. And that replacing every second word with poop is actually a joke worthy of a belly laugh.

Spaceships and Laser Beams was started shortly after Sam’s first birthday. I was looking for ideas for his party and found myself wading through pretty, frilly parties trying to find ideas that would be perfect for him.

I quickly realized what so many moms of boys already knew — that the party world was a place that was heavy on pink and frilly and light on style with rugged edges. (And let’s not even talk about children’s clothing stores.)

Always jumping in with both feet first, I decided to start a blog to show that moms of boys can have fun with style and design, too. As Sam grew, so did my passion for connecting with other parents of boys. And the content focus on the blog grew as well.

As others have joined this online journey of mine, like Layne Quintanilla, who manages all the projects we have running at Spaceships and Laser Beams. As the mom of three boys, she shares my interest in everything boy-joy. Together, our small but mightly team has been able to showcase fun party food and recipe ideas, cool crafts, games, boy’s fashion, fun DIY projects, products we love and family life.

From a hobby I squeezed in on evenings and weekends, Spaceships and Laser Beams now has more than 1.2 million pageviews a month and consistently reaches more than 10 million people every single week on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. Moms, dads and grandparents around the world come to us every single day, looking for ideas that will help them celebrate a life filled with boyish charm.

Just like my Sam, this blog has become connected to me in a way that I never dreamed. I am beyond thrilled to be able to connect with so many amazing people every single day who share my passion for great food, great style, great parties and a great life with their little boys.

P.S. Ever wonder why the blog is called Spaceships and Laser Beams? The name came to be well before the blog. And you can see the video here. [Warning: Cuteness Alert]


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