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DIY Cardboard Spaceship

This easy and fun DIY cardboard spaceship is the perfect Halloween costume to create for your kids!
Keyword DIY Cardboard Spaceship, Halloween Costume
Cook Time 1 hour
Servings 1


  • 2-3 boxes sized to your child and how large you want the costume
  • silver duct tape for construction
  • black duct tape optional - for trimming
  • silver foil tape
  • roll of red party streamers
  • roll of orange party streamers
  • roll of yellow party streamers


  • For our spaceship, Mike placed two boxes together, end to end. You may need more boxes depending on the size of your child.
  • Once the boxes are end to end, tape them together. Mike taped the bottom flaps together but the top flaps are what were used to create the point of the spaceship.
  • The top flap was cut into a triangle. For our boxes, we had to extend the cut about three inches past the flap so that everything could meet and line up properly.
  • Once everything was taped together using the regular duct tape, we covered the entire spaceship in the silver tape.
  • We then cut the circles for Sam's face and arms. We hunted our house for circular items to trace so we would have even circles. We landed on a garbage can for the face and large rolls of tape for the arms.
  • We used the black tape to add trim where desired. We added bungee cord suspenders inside the box to make it easy for Sam to walk and carry his treat bag.