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Woodland Glam Baby Shower

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This chic woodland glam baby shower was designed by Stephanie, of Lovelyfest, to reflect the tastes and interests of the mom-and-dad-to-be. Black and white, plus minty jade with gold accents, create an aesthetically pleasing dessert buffet, drink bar, and table settings. Charming DIY décor and meaningful group memento ideas made this exceptionally lovely event all the more special.

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The venue selected for any celebration affects the overall mood of the party. The setting for this gathering meshed perfectly with the décor. There is also a fun mix of textures, including white fur, gold leather, and leopard print. One of our favorite aspects of this party is all the hand-lettered signage.

We love the cut-out sign above the table and the swags of handcrafted tissue paper flowers and streamers. Gold-framed labels, jade milk glass, and shiny gold accents throughout the tables create an elegant look. Including deer and elk sheds was an inspired way to encompass Matthew’s interests. There is also a paper maché taxidermy and diminutive tissue flowers topped with shiny mini antlers which is another subtle nod to the father-to-be’s hunting hobby.

The menu was chosen to incorporate Natalie’s favorites. For dessert, that meant cookies and ice cream. Stephanie created an ice cream sandwich bar-bar. Guests chose from gourmet peanut butter, chocolate chip, M&M, and caramel snickerdoodle cookies, plus chocolate or vanilla ice cream. At the drink bar, guests enjoyed the signature cocktail, a Blue Raspberry Lemon Drop. There were also lemonade mocktails rimmed with glittery gold sugar.

While guests printed advice on small cards for the future parents, Natalie opened her gifts. Later, family and friends helped design a custom A-B-C scrapbook for the baby. By adding their own drawings to the book, they created a unique keepsake and heirloom. Stephanie put her heart and her hands to work in designing this gorgeous woodland glam baby shower for her future nephew. She was able to convey both her sister’s style and her brother-in-law’s interests in an attractive and meaningful way by utilizing creative DIY projects and elegant décor. Many of her ideas could also be easily used for a first birthday party, a christening, or a baptism celebration.

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