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Wickedly Cute Halloween Party Ideas

Table of Contents
  1. Love this Party? Get the Look.
  2. Don't Forget These Great Halloween Themed Ideas
  3. Want even more Halloween Party Ideas?

Halloween party? Boy oh boy, this party is a fun take on a dark theme!

Wait ‘til you see the awesome sweet tower on Party Box Designs’ dessert table.

But first you must get past the cobwebs decorating the front gate, then sidle past the skull guarding the beverage bar and then you can slip inside where you are favored with all sorts of Halloween treat ideas.

Witches are welcomed and there are monsters galore; you’re invited to a costume contest—and so much more!

Unique Halloween Party Ideas

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Unique Halloween Party Ideas

I like the way Jessica used a dark, old suitcase as another serving level on the table. Did you notice the strategically placed spiders? Eek!

Orange and grey might be expected at a Halloween bash, but sky blue adds a light-hearted punch to a dark holiday.

Unique Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

Burlap covered straw bales offer a spot to sit a spell on the front porch, but who can wait to go inside to sample the beguiling treats?

Unique Halloween Party Decorations

Poms beckon guests to the front porch beverage bar where all manner of potions wait to quench thirst.

The Broomstick Brewing Company (who owns that, anyway?!) offers Ghostly Pale or Black Cat Ale. There is Wicked Wine (really?) and Poison Water, too.

Unique Halloween Party Supplies

The dessert tower is a visual, as well as a gastronomical, treat! Canning jars with white and orange striped and dotted straws add appeal.

Love this Party? Get the Look.

Unique Halloween Party Ideas

Any little goblin would be delighted by five layers of cupcakes, pretzels, chevron candy bags and popcorn, all piled on high.

There are also cupcake pop-ups, polka-dotted and patterned cookies, cookies with Halloween images and caramel apples that make your mouth water just to look at ‘em.

Just in case costumed trick-or-treaters don’t get their fill at the party, there are favor packages of treats to take home, too.

Party Box Design has come up with a wicked-cute party that’s all tricked out for fun!

Don’t Forget These Great Halloween Themed Ideas

Want even more Halloween Party Ideas?

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