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Vintage Train Party on a Budget – The Train!

Table of Contents

Train and Party

I’ve been doing a series of posts on the shoe string budget party I threw for my son and a few of his friends using Janelle‘s new vintage train collection. (Here and here.) The cardboard train had to be the next post for sure. It was such a hit! I was inspired by the cardboard-themed first birthday I featured a while ago. (After I had the idea, I also found this amazing cardboard train.) As you can probably guess, this train was dismantled in quick order and the kids had lots of fun in and on the boxes.

Graffiti on a wall

Train and Party

A baby sitting in a chair

A little boy holding a baby

A little girl standing in a room

A small child sitting on a table

A little boy standing in front of a box

I love that Syd started hoarding her stuff in a box so the other kids wouldn’t get it!

A small child sitting on a table

A small child sitting on a chair

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