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Vintage Plane Birthday Party Dessert Table

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  1. Planning a plane birthday party? Get supplies here, curated by the Spaceships and Laser Beams Crew.
  2. Be sure to check out some more boy plane party ideas here.
  3. Plus, don't miss out on 51 Best Airplane Party Ideas...

No matter how many airplane parties take off from locations around the world, a good-old plane birthday party never gets old.

This vintage airplane themed boy’s birthday party dessert table was submitted by Nicole of Sooti & Sweet. Nicole conceptualized and styled this celebration for a 5 year-old boy.

Styled with rustic colors, burlap, travel-inspired décor elements, and an in-flight menu that included some fabulous desserts, it’s easy to get carried far and away in the beautiful details of this vintage plane birthday celebration.

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Party and Birthday

When it comes to styling an eye-catching dessert table display, color is everything. We love the pops of red incorporated into this party color palette. Red paired well with the vintage décor and the blue, green, and tan color scheme of the printables, giving life to the display and a feeling of festivity! The jumbo red balloons are a whimsical addition, and provided a sense of airy movement. With a little imagination, one might have half expected the dessert table to lift off the ground and take flight! One thing is for certain, the dessert-laden table definitely lifted party guests’ spirits!

A cake on a table

Party and Birthday

The guest-of-honor’s talented mother (Sarah, from Vanilla Bean -Cake Design) created the star of the dessert runway! Check out the spectacular details of the two-tiered dark chocolate mud cake, topped with a darling red bi-plane modeled from icing. Simple fondant star detailing on the cake brought in touches of all of the party colors. I adore that the cake is perched on top of 2 mini paper suitcases—a sweet travel inspired detail that just adds to the cuteness factor of this celebration! What a sweet and meaningful contribution to the party by one lucky little birthday boy’s momma! Can’t you just imagine pieces of cake literally flying off the dessert table and into little guests’ tummies? I can!

Dessert and Cake

Cookies are always one of the first things to fly off of a dessert table, especially when they are decorated as beautifully and look as delicious as these cookies do! Plane and cloud-shaped vanilla butter cookies by Cookie Mummas were displayed on a field of blue atop a white platter. I can envision it being hard to keep little hands off these works of edible art! Just imagine little-aviators-in-training flying their cookie planes through cookie clouds before a soft landing in their mouths!

Food on a table, with Party and Birthday

While scanning the details of this vintage plane birthday party dessert table, some darling accents can be spotted, cleverly mixed in between all of the scrumptious looking desserts. The paper suitcases were previously mentioned, but did you also notice the antique world globe? How about the personalized luggage tag inspired food labels? Little details like these are the glue that creates a cohesiveness to a party theme, and leaves a lasting memory for party guests.

A tray of food on a table, with Party and Birthday

Now back to examining that delicious in-flight party menu which also featured Tim Tam cookie pops sprinkled with sky blue rock candy crystals. Displayed on a white cake stand, they look like heaven on a stick. Did you notice the adorable red party flag toppers on each of them? Such a fun detail not to be missed! I’d definitely be asking the party stewardess if seconds were an option. Party stylist Sooti & Sweet made these for the party.

A table with wine glasses, with Party and Birthday

The in-flight party beverage service wasn’t limited to your run-of-the-mill options of soda and water served up in plastic cups. Instead, this party featured recycled mini bottles filled with apple and black currant juice topped off with striped paper straws. To really add some sophistication, each beverage jar was wrapped in coordinating vintage airplane printable labels. What a treat for little guests to sip on such a delicious drink! Who is thirsty? I am! (No surprise there.)

A plate of birthday cake on a table, with Party and Airplane

Moving along the runway of desserts on the refreshment table, it’s easy to spot the cupcakes to the left of the cake! Another contribution by the birthday boy’s mom, these vanilla cupcakes are anything but ordinary. Each came topped with fondant scallops, to which printable party circle logos were affixed. Displayed in red and white striped baking cups, they were a nice complement to the cake and provided an easy option for little hands to grab and a quick cake fix until the main cake was cut.

Party and Birthday

A birthday party just isn’t a party without loads of sugar! Candy adds to the excitement, and is a great filler on a dessert table. Twin towers of glass apothecary jars flanked each side of the dessert table. Filled with orange M & Ms, apple jelly beans, and raspberry and lemon bon bons, the candy jars and their contents surely helped to cure any lingering cravings for something sweet!

A bunch of food on a table, with Party and Airplane

Themed vintage airplane printable circle decals added to cute striped baking cups were filled with another tempting in-flight treat—candy popcorn whipped up by Sarah (the birthday boy’s mom). The small cup-size seems to be a perfect choice for little guests who tend to have eyes larger than their stomachs. Who can say no to candy popcorn?

A group of glasses on a table, with Party and Birthday

Rounding out the in-flight menu was another popular children’s treat—strawberry flavored Jell-O served up in mini pots. Printable circle tags and string embellishments dressed these up for their birthday flight. This is another great grab-and-go dessert option, perfect for little hands and easy to eat because of the individual portion size! If you haven’t added Jell-O to your dessert display, it is genius!

I’m sure your plane party inspiration is soaring after viewing the images from this incredibly cute vintage plane birthday party dessert table. We can’t wait to see your own party plans take flight!

Planning a plane birthday party? Get supplies here, curated by the Spaceships and Laser Beams Crew.

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Be sure to check out some more boy plane party ideas here.

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