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Vintage Horror Movie Halloween Party

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Another boy’s Halloween party? ‘Tis the season and today we are taking them to the movies. Not just any movie, but a Vintage Movie Night with old, B-rated horror flicks and a terrific dessert table AKA: The Concession Stand! Jason and Heather, the talented husband-wife duo of Hello My Sweet, have wowed me again with their unique party ideas and decorations for the Halloween theme. They have built the coolest concession stand out of common hardware store supplies to offer monster-worthy treats of cupcakes, cookies, and candy. Partner that with scary movies and you have got a great night ahead.

Vintage Horror Movie Halloween Party Ideas

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To establish that theater vibe, copies of vintage horror movie posters are framed in lights over the dessert table, which has been dressed in grey-black satin. Under each poster, the treats have been coordinated with that movie.

Vintage Horror Movie Halloween Party Food Ideas

For example, Writhe has treat bags with candy snakes (UGH!); The Ancient Monster offers mummified chocolate (tea-stained, gauze wrapped bars, with eyes!); Night of the Undead has chocolate cupcakes with crumbled “dirt”toppings and a dollar store zombie hand reaching out; Psychopath is coupled with killer sugar cookie knives;Earth vs. the UFOs has miniature UFO’s (Nilla Wafers sandwiched with candy melt, Pringle Honey Sticks as landing gear and sprayed with Wilton’s silver, edible color).

Each of these treats is presented on black trays—which are actually black foam core board. I think using a movie director’s clapboard as a way to label dessert names is a great touch, too (you know all the boys will want to play with them)!

Vintage Horro Movie Halloween Party Food

One final special detail that adds to the authentic vintage movie theatre aura is the red “rope” stanchions. They are actually constructed with pool noodles, tape, wooden dowels, Styrofoam balls, hooks and a little spray paint.

So, there you have it: an imaginative way to host a unique Halloween party. Actually watching a horror flick is optional of course, but eating treats and having fun isn’t!

Create a spooky Halloween horror movie party with these creepy ideas gathered by the crew at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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