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Vintage Gone Fishing Birthday Party

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Get ready to cast your eyes on some “reel-ly” great vintage fishing birthday party ideas from Autumn, of Autumn Lynn’s Chocolate Sins. Autumn lured party guests in with her use of vintage fishing-themed printable party decorations and hooked them with her sweet grub display.

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When you have two boys born 6 days apart, a joint birthday party is a great way to save on time, resources, and sanity! After Autumn’s boys chose a “gone fishing” birthday party theme, Autumn decided a vintage spin on a classic party theme would best capture the feel she was going for. In an attempt to tackle the vintage vibe, she wanted to incorporate plaids and rustic elements, but also have a colorful event.

Casting a wide net, Autumn began searching everywhere for fishing items for the theme. She hooked some great finds and brought home huge lures, “gone fishing” signs, a tackle box, a fishing net, and vintage soda crates. We love how she used all of these items used throughout the party.

Keeping with the rustic feel, Autumn used an old piece of the fence as her dessert table and allowed her actual fence to serve as the backdrop. She added a worn fishing net, a printable Happy Birthday banner, and some oversized lures which helped tie the theme together. One of our favorite dessert table backdrop ideas is the oversized DIY bobbers Autumn made by painting Chinese lanterns.

Guests were able to cast their own line and hook themselves up with a few of the creative desserts Autumn had on display. First off is the amazing tackle box cake by Sugar Rush Stuff. Based on a picture Autumn sent, the cake was everything her boys had wished for. It even featured a fish that matched the printable designs.

Next is an incredible real tackle box display Autumn created to display embellished numbers representing her children’s ages–such a personal touch. We love how Autumn filled the drawers of the tackle box with “catch of the day” chocolate-covered Oreos, colorful gummy worms, and fishing reels cleverly made from Tagalong Girl Scout cookies and marshmallows.

But that isn’t all. Autumn’s oldest son helped devise an extensive menu. He requested cake pop bobbers, bass chocolate lollipops, popcorn, and dirt pudding. We really loved the presentation, with many of the items being served in metal pails that looked like bait buckets. Another favorite dessert was the cat tails made from Ho-Ho’s on a skewer. Autumn tackled an amazing request list to make all of her children’s party dreams come true. Autumn wanted to use as many printables as possible on her sweets table for that cohesive look. Using printable fry and popcorn boxes, Autumn filled them up with goldfish and blue raspberry popcorn from Oh Nuts.

There were mini and full-sized chocolate bars wrapped in coordinating wrappers and even “live bait” buckets filled with “dirt” pie. Beautiful sugar cookies from Sweet Baketique made a nice addition to the sweet choices. If you want fish to show up to a fishing party, you have to serve fish food (Chex mix). Next, Autumn filled party cones with the Chex mix.

When you’re at a fishing birthday party and thirsty, what would you expect to drink? Answer: “Lake Water” and “Jig Juice” of course. Once again, Autumn’s details were amazing. Speaking of amazing, be sure to check out the party signage. DimplePrints created some really great directional signs as well as an awesome frame-worthy sign that added some more rustic touches to the party décor and overall atmosphere. One additional printable item that Autumn used was a printable image to use on custom shirts. Talk about a money saver!

A fisherman is only as good as his bait. We are a sucker for clever party favors, and these are a real catch. Autumn purchased mini lure boxes and filled them with gummy worms. Tied to the bait boxes was a darling tag that read, “Thank you for making my party reel fun.” Can you imagine a vintage fishing birthday party for your kids with more creative details than this one? Amazing job Autumn!

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Plus, don’t miss out on 20 Fishing Themed Birthday Parties

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