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Vintage Circus First Birthday Party

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Table of Contents
  1. This circus themed first birthday party is near and dear to my heart!
  2. Ideas for your own circus themed party:
  3. Looking for some awesome circus-themed party supplies? Here's some things I am loving right now:
  4. And here's even more Vintage Circus Parties. I think you will love them too!

This circus themed first birthday party is near and dear to my heart!

I recently did this dessert table for the little boy of our dear family friends. [Check out another great circus-themed first birthday”] He had been ill and we honestly weren’t even sure if we would be having the party until the last minute — so that made it an even more special celebration! Because I had only two days to pull everything together, this party is proof that you can create with a bit of style in a short amount of time — and with our printable party products (the vintage circus collection) plus items found at your local grocery stores and bakeries!

Everything here is off the shelves of local bakeries and specialty grocery stores. I used printables from the Spaceships and Laser Beams Etsy shop to finish off the decorations.

One of my favorite parts of this party actually turned out to be the chevron backdrop. And here’s a little secret: it’s actually wrapping paper and very affordable at only $3 a roll! I extended it from floor to ceiling behind the table so that it looked like a feature wall.

I also covered the top of the table in a clashing striped gift wrap (but I think the overall effect works). The reason for such a mix of pattern and colors? Time. I knew if I took this approach to the styling it would mean that I could quickly pick up anything I needed and also incorporate a wide range of items I had at home. If I had stuck to a specific color palette or gone shopping with any preconceived ideas, I could have wasted lots of time looking for just the right items (which is fun when time is not an issue). Had I more time, I would have incorporated this great circus themed table skirt on Amazon. I have been looking at it for a while now!

The cakes were from a local specialty grocery store. I basically walked in off the street looking for anything that might match the theme. I was thrilled to find two that worked (and the mango one even had a pattern that mimicked the backdrop). I topped them with our 4″ circle decals from the vintage circus collection.

I displayed cakes and cookies on two sizes of matching cake stands stacked on each other. I think all the bright colors make each other pop! This was really a go big or go home color approach. 🙂 The flower cookies were picked up at a local bakery that specializes in special occasion cakes. I lucked out they they were ready-to-go.

On the bottom of the other stand, we paired grocery store cookies together with bakery twine and our 2″ circle decals printable tags.

They also sell cake pops and had them to match the cookies. (Whew! And they were red velvet, soooo good.)

I really love the “we hope you had a ball” favor tags that Andrew designed with this collection. The seal has such a cute face and I’m a sucker for a good pun! 🙂 And check out the tent cards.

The clown cupcake wrappers are one of the most popular items in our shop, and the most popular item in this collection! There’s little doubt why as Andrew did an amazing job in designing them.

I’ve used them before at parties so this time I wanted to change things up a bit. I added cupcake liners to the bottom to create a clown collar. It actually looked very cute.

The acrobat man drink labels on the glass bottles are one of my favorite items in the collection but I LOVE the straw decals. Who doesn’t love a fire breathing man!? LOL

The polka dot popcorn bags were purchased at a local big box store. I glued our tightrope walker napkin ring to the bottom and as well as a 2″ circle decal. I like that you can customize the birthday number on these!

Ideas for your own circus themed party:

  • Stick with bright, fun colors.
  • Have the kids put on their own circus — you could have them balance a big beach ball on their noses or walk a tightrope laid on the ground.
  • Offer costumes for the kids to pretend to be the circus master or an animal.
  • Make animal finger puppets as a craft.

Looking for some awesome circus-themed party supplies?
Here’s some things I am loving right now:

  • Red & White Striped Table Skirt
  • Inflatable Circus Elephant
  • Big Top Cupcake Holder
  • Big Top Plastic Cups with Straws

And here’s even more Vintage Circus Parties.
I think you will love them too!

  • Vintage Circus Dessert Table
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  • Vintage Circus Party on a Budget

Proudly Prepared by the Spaceships Kitchen

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