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Vintage Circus Birthday Party + Dessert Table

Table of Contents

Circus and Laser

When Dina of Deliciously Darling Events told me she wanted to use our Vintage Circus Collection for her son’s Madagascar 3 party, I was super excited and very curious. Since we don’t do “inspired by” collections because of copyright laws, I have never seen our printables incorporated into a commercial theme before. To me, the results of her talent and hard work are amazing. This is how you do a character party without having it look store-bought — and not breaking any copyrights in the process. I. Love. Every. Detail.

A bunch of different types of food, with Circus and Party

Circus and PartyA bottle of items on the counter

A can of food, with Circus and PartyCircus and Party

Proudly Prepared by the Spaceships Kitchen

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