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Tron Birthday Party + Dessert Table

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A desk with a computer in a dark room

Party and Tron

Being the wife of a sci-fi geek — not to mention mom to a boy — I have learned what TRON is over the years. Not to mention a few other things I thought I would never know. LOL But you certainly don’t have to have ever seen TRON to appreciate how fabulous the details are with this party, which was based on the recent TRON Legacy movie remake. Michelle of Party Plan-It Designs threw this bash to celebrate the birthdays of her two oldest sons. Because they both have birtidays in October, it’s been a tradition to celebrate their birthdays with one big party. This year the boys wanted a TRON themed party combined with Cosmic Bowling and a sleepover with all of their friends. I am absolutely in love with how fantastic the lighting looks. It’s certainly a showstopper. Be sure to visit Michelle’s original post for ALL the details.


A group of sushi

A glass with a blue vase on a table, with Party

A glass of wine, with Party and Tron

A group of glass bottles on a table, with Party and Tron

Party and Tron

Party and Tron

A cup of coffee on a table, with Party and Tron

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Proudly Prepared by the Spaceships Kitchen

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