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A Trash Pack Boy’s Birthday Party

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Table of Contents
  1. Throw your own trash pack party with these party supplies:
  2. More trash themed party inspiration:
  3. Plus, don't miss out on this Garbage Truck Themed Boy's 5th Birthday Party...

Trash Pack toys — little, squishy, dumpster-dwelling monsters — capitalize on boys fascination with filth, and this Trash Pack-themed boy’s birthday party

An adorably atrocious candy and dessert buffet, custom cootie-infested party printables, cool party games and delightfully disgusting décor made this celebration putridly pleasing to all the boys who ever dreamed of a trash themed birthday.

(P.S. What is it with little boys and all things gross? If I had to count how many times a day I say, “Don’t touch that!” and “Did you wash your hands?” and “What’s that smell?” I’d run out of numbers.)

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Created by Sensationally Sweet Events, Justine, makes rubbish look fabulous. Don’t miss a single despicable detail in the images by Mr. & Mrs. Smith Photography.

The great, gross artwork used on the backdrop and printables at this candy and dessert buffet looks down in the dumps…in the best way!

Bricks, wood, and galvanized metal serve and display candy and party treats at varying heights, giving the party a rustic, quasi-industrial feel.

An assortment of theme-colored candies, cupcakes, and customized candy bars await guests at this tantalizingly trashy table.

The amazing letter-shaped cookies match a banner used elsewhere at the party.

Wouldn’t your son just love that adorably awful trio of candy containers made to look like Trash Pack monsters?

At the drink table, a jaw-dropping birthday cake perfectly depicts Mason’s favorite monster in all his grody glory.

I love the handmade bunting, the “trash can” cake stand (a spray-painted plastic bucket) and the simple way Justine added fresh greenery to the table with a painted bottle vase.

To make your own awesome number monster wreath, paint a papier mache number, then attach googly eyes and plastic flies. Wrap silver bulletin board trim around a Styrofoam ring overlapping slightly, until it’s completely covered; secure ends with pins or hot glue.

Wrap a small section of the wreath in green crepe paper, attach the painted number, then add pieces of green cellophane and crepe paper trimmed to “ooze” over the opposite edge or spill out of the number.

Artist Mike Boon designed a remarkable banner for the activity table. What a unique idea to shrink-bake colorful food wrappers to use as necklace medallions. Coloring pages also kept guests busy.

When the party was over, everyone took home “trash bags”: personalized favor bags filled with balloons, tattoos, stickers, and glow sticks.

For little guys obsessed with everything truly, terribly revolting, this Trash Pack-themed boy’s birthday party is a dream come true. Justine included all the disgusting details for her Trash Pack fan but carefully balanced it with beautiful, rustic table scenes and greenery.

Are you inspired to host a trash-bash yet?!

Throw your own trash pack party with these party supplies:

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More trash themed party inspiration:

Plus, don’t miss out on this Garbage Truck Themed Boy’s 5th Birthday Party

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