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To Infinity… and Beyond This Halloween

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This conversation is brought to you by Halloween Express, however all ideas are my own.

Sam loves to dress up. There is something magical about transforming into your favorite character as you head off on a fantastic adventure. This year, as we prepare for Halloween, we’ve had almost daily conversations about who Sam will be this year. After much debate, it was settled. Sam will be flying to infinity — and beyond — as Buzz Lightyear.

Buzz Lightyear Halloween Costumes for Boys

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Once it was decided, I headed to Halloween Express online to pick out his costume. Halloween Express offers a huge selection so I was sure to find exactly what I was looking for. I also picked up a Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head costume set for Mike and I. Each year, we head to a friend’s Halloween party where everyone, parents and kids alike, arrive in costume. We make great memories each year and I’m sure this one will be no exception!

Kids Costumes Options on Halloween Express

Boys Halloween Costumes

Things I Love About Halloween Express…

  • With over 24 years of experience, I can trust their brand.
  • Easy to use website — I can search by category or keyword.
  • Free shipping on orders over $29.
  • You can buy online and have them ship straight to your local store.
  • They offer animated props and decor items so I can get everything I need at once.

Toy Story Halloween Costumes

As soon as our costumes arrived, Sam was over the moon. Quite literally, in his imagination! As soon as the package was open, he begged me to try on his costume. It’s impossible to say no to that excitement. I helped him into the costume and he went rushing outside. He spent the next hour “flying” around our yard. It was delightful to listen to him play and imagine. A child’s imagination is a precious thing.

Buzz Lightyear Halloween Costume Wings

Boys Halloween Costumes

When bedtime came, it was nearly impossible to have him turn back into Sam. He didn’t understand why Mike and I wouldn’t let him go to bed in full garb. After promising him that he could wear it again after school the next day, we finally coaxed him out of it. He’s now started an official “Days to Halloween” countdown. He was thrilled to learn he can wear his costume to his school party as well as trick or treating Halloween night.

I’m so happy with our costumes from Halloween Express — from start to finish it’s been a great experience. I highly recommend them this Halloween season!

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