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Tips for Planning an Awesome Sesame Street Birthday Party

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  1. Check out these great Sesame Street birthday party supplies:

Sesame Street has existed for over 40 years and it is broadcast in over 120 countries; it has won eight Grammys and more awards than any other television show. A show that popular has plenty of elements that translate into an awesome birthday party themeimage-7476640-10645155! Favorite characters can populate the entire party from invitations to decorations to dessert tables to take-home favors. Where to stop might be the hardest decision you have to make! Socan I tell you how to get to Sesame Street? Sure I can!

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A Sesame Street themed party is especially charming for the under-five crowd. Since the show has always been about preparing children to succeed in school, viewers are used to seeing numbers and letters so there are many opportunities to include fun, educational games in a Sesame Street party. Counting, the alphabet, and how-tos are natural directions to take this theme. A craft station with pictures of Elmo, Grover or one of the other Muppets will be fun for little ones to color, too. Simple brown paper bag Muppet-style puppets are another satisfying craft. Be sure to include plenty of yarn, feathers and google eyes so kids can create their own versions. Incorporate some of the popular songs from the show; even if little ones dont remember all of the words, the happy sounds will encourage a cheerful mood.

Does your child have a favorite Muppet? You might want to feature that character throughout your party, but do include some of the other Sesame Street friends for lots of fun color, which is a hallmark of the cast and a visually stimulating party. Build part of the neighborhood for your decorations. Use a representation of Elmos cartoon-style world, Oscars garbage can or Burt and Ernies place.

Cake and cupcakes can be decorated with character images. Dont forget to invite Cookie Monster to the dessert table! In fact, a milk and cookie dessert table is a great idea that is simple to put together and works very well for this theme.

After a colorful party filled with games and treats, be certain to send little guests home with a small favor of remembrance. Character balloons, small figurines or puppets will be treasured long after party time. A Sesame Street themed party will be an engaging celebration for a birthday boy or girl who has spent TV time with Elmo, Big Bird, or any of the childhood favorites found on Sesame Street!

Check out these great Sesame Street birthday party supplies:


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