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The Empire Strikes Back: A Boy’s Star Wars Bowling Birthday Party

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, creative mom Julie, from Julie Anne Events, designed an impressive boy’s Star Wars themed bowling birthday party for a special son turning 7!

From the looks of all of the fun and creative details, the party planning “force” is strong with this mom! Julie focused on a primary color palette of black, grey and white, with a few Yoda green accents added in for impact.

Follow Julie’s helpful money and time saving ideas for creating an out-of-this world experience for guests by using embellished store bought treats for a dessert table, inexpensive party favors and a few impacting DIY decorations.

Boy's Star Wars Bowling Birthday Party Ideas

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Boy's Star Wars Bowling Birthday Party Dessert Table Ideas

When The Empire Strikes Back is the theme of your son’s Star Wars party, taking party guests bowling is a super cool activity choice. Not only do most kids love to bowl, but this really helps to simplify the activity portion of the party.

I’m sure kids were trying to “strike back” all game long as they used the force to try to knock over all of those bowling pins!

Boy's Star Wars Bowling Birthday Party Dessert Table Cover Ideas

Keeping The Empire Strikes Back theme in mind, Julie designed a dessert table with galactic goodies perfect for the Jedi-in-training. Julie loves using bed sheets for party décor (so do I!) and was able to find a great patterned sheet to use for the backdrop.

The repeating pattern is awesome, isnt it? I think it fits perfectly with the Star Wars theme.

Can you believe the impressive Empire Strikes Back signage is handmade using poster board and a marker? This is such an economical alternative to large format printing and makes a big impact!

Boy's Star Wars Bowling Birthday Party Cupcake and Cake Ideas

One of Julie’s favorite parts of styling a party is searching for the perfect party accessories that fit with a particular theme. She loves the thrill of finding something she knows is a sure winner! (This is one of my favorite parts too!)

Over the past couple of months Julie scored some awesome Star Wars props. Julie found the adorable cupcake toppers on sale. I think they look incredible added to cupcakes picked up from a local store.

Boy's Star Wars Bowling Birthday Party Candy Ideas

Other such items Julie found were the galactic baking cups used to display Whoppers — as well as the Darth Vader cake topper with light saber candle holder (link to buy is in the list below). Doesn’t it look grand perched atop a store bought cake?

Boy's Star Wars Bowling Birthday Party Cookie Ideas

I also spot wonderful Yoda, Darth Vader and Storm Trooper shaped cookies — such an appropriate theme specific treat option that Star Wars fans of all ages would love!

Boy's Star Wars Bowling Birthday Party Cookie Ideas

Black and white cookies, truffle pops with printed party flags and other sweet treats lined white trays for all to enjoy.

Boy's Star Wars Bowling Birthday Party Cake Pop Ideas

Despite other amazing details, the Star Wars themed Imperial bowling set purchased online was the definite focal point of the dessert table and tied the bowling and Star Wars themes together.

Boy's Star Wars Bowling Birthday Party Game Ideas

How fun that the bowling balls were made to look like the Death Star and Thermal Detonator. Julie created her own bowling “lane” from awesome patterned wrapping paper.

Boy's Star Wars Bowling Birthday Party Favour Ideas

Fellow moms can relate to Julies desire to keep party favors simple and practical. Julie shares that she prefers not to invest too much money in party favors that tend to break easily and end up in the garbage. We love the fun dollar bin finds Julie’s son gifted to friends at this party.

Each guest was given a package of glow-in-the-dark candy light sabers, perfect fun for downtime at the dark bowling alley. Hundred piece Star Wars puzzles were also wrapped up as a great take home gift.

I think Julie definitely forced her way into party throwing glory with the amazing details in this party! Follow along with her party adventures on her blog.

Looking for Star Wars bowling birthday party ideas? Check out these party supplies:

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