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Thanksgiving Decorations for an Elegant Gathering

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We love gorgeous thanksgiving decorations. It is something we think about all year round. Today we are not focusing on a birthday party or a dessert table with cute cakes, but wanted to share some wonderful ideas from Nicole, at Tikkido, for Thanksgiving-themed decorations. This entire set-up is elegant, inexpensive (surprise!), and easy to do well ahead of time, using easy-to-find supplies. Take this as an invitation to be inspired. When you first look at this gorgeous table, you might be too intimidated to replicate it but wait. Focus on the elements one at a time and you’re on your way to creating your own beautiful Thanksgiving tablescape.

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Nicole spent under thirty dollars on the three large floral arrangements. You can do this by using a lot of inexpensive bulk such as spray-painted fruit (real and artificial), painted pumpkins, and even leaves and wild grasses (aka weeds!) from your own yard.

Nicole likes to use an inexpensive wooden bender board (get it at your local home improvement store) as a base for her arrangements. It also adds a rustic texture. Nicole also used fresh flowers from a local grocery floral display.

There are a lot of realistic silk flowers available nowadays, too, if you want to make the entire display ahead of time. A decorator tip that can make lush floral arrangements more affordable is to use some artificial elements mixed in with the real deal — it tends to all read as fresh.

Beverage containers have been given the same treatment. Wrap the bottles with a few leaves or fabric strips, and twine keeps them in place. Hot glue an acorn or two onto the arrangement and your decanters are party-ready. For an elegant presentation, plastic cups or paper plates won’t work, but dishes don’t need to be bone China or true crystal to look lovely.

Real glass wine glasses can be found for under a dollar (at dollar stores for example) and everyday dishes look more festive when the rest of the table is dressed. Glass charms are a good idea to keep the guest’s glasses identified.

Nicole made the napkins with economical, unbleached muslin. In this case, she opted to hem the napkins and embellish with trim, but she advises that cutting 18 x 18 squares with pinking shears works, if you don’t want to sew. Nicole also stamped a simple leaf design on her squares. The floral wire from the craft store has been finger wrapped to make napkin rings.

Nicole has hot-glued acorns she made from real acorn caps and balls of felted wool roving. Added grace notes include name cards and favor boxes. The favor boxes are simple to craft with cardstock, snippets of trim and more acorns. You might want to include a few special chocolates as a take-home treat. It’s easy not only to appreciate Nicole’s splendid artistry but to also have some idea of how you can dress your own table with economic elegance and ease — before you dress the turkey!

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