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Superhero Party Dessert Table

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  1. Planning a super hero birthday party? Check out these party sources put together by the Spaceships and Laser Beams crew.
  2. Get some more boys’ super hero birthday party ideas here.
  3. Plus, don't miss out on 41 Superhero Birthday Party Supplies, Games and Ideas...

Calling all superheroes! This superhero party dessert table is a Spaceships and Laser Beams original! We are thrilled to give you the exclusive behind-the-scenes-peek at a boy’s superhero birthday party theme styled specifically to showcase our printable superhero birthday party collection, designed in-house by Rachel. We are big on planning and showcasing party ideas that are both affordable and achievable for most families. Peruse the party photos, and we’re certain you’ll agree that this superhero themed dessert table definitely meets those criteria. While you’re scrolling, take note of all of the budget-friendly and time-saving ideas! For example, this party doesn’t feature an expensive and/or time-consuming, over-the-top birthday cake. Rather, check out the birthday cupcakes looking rather awesome in coordinating superhero themed cupcake wrappers! Don’t miss the printable elements—a cost-effective way to coordinate the bulk of the birthday party decorations.

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You don’t need to be faster than a speeding bullet, stronger than a locomotive, or able to jump tall buildings in a single bound to plan awesome decorations for a superhero party. Leave those feats to the superheroes! Your biggest superpower might just be recognizing the talents of others and utilizing their skills for your superhero dessert table. For instance, consider using digitally produced superhero party decorations, as seen in our party. Inspired by the “Calling All Superhero” party sign produced as part of our superhero printable collection, we used it as a jumping off point for the dessert table. Printable superheroes were on the party scene in the form of the “Cake Crusaders”. Meet Captain (brunette), Cake Pop (the female), and Crasher (red hair). Paired with a printed city scape and “Happy Birthday” banner, the stage was set for an awesome array of desserts.

A top tip for simplifying party prep is to purchase all—or at least the bulk—of your dessert table items ready made at the grocery store. It might not be hard for you to believe that the Nerds candy and jelly beans came from the store, but so did the other sweet treats on our dessert table—cupcakes, coconut-covered-marshmallows, and pre-popped popcorn. If you are short on time or don’t like to bake, buying the food may be the way to go!

We had a vision in mind for the dessert display! Our goal was to display the desserts on leveled tiers to represent an army of superheroes on the rooftops coming to aid the Cake Crusaders. We achieved this look by wrapping different heights of boxes in the same color of wrapping paper. Look at the various ways we decked out the treats to look like superheroes!

My personal favorite treat might be the test tube superheroes. We used leftover test tubes from a mad science party and thought that they would be perfect dressed up with printable capes and 1” circle decals. Filled with Nerds candy, they were colorful and fun and made for a simple addition to the dessert table.

A creative way to transform ordinary jars of popcorn into something with super powers is to add a felt cape! Bam! Pow! How do you like the popcorn now? An easy DIY that can be accomplished in minutes with just some felt, scissors, and a bit of glue, these superhero party popcorn cups turned out super cute! Adhere a printable circle party label to really pack a punch!

Don’t let your party planning powers fizzle before you plan a cool party favor! Guests will be excited to activate their very own “super-duper powers” with these jelly bean favors! Would you believe we found these little jars in the spice area of the local dollar store? We simply filled them with jelly beans and embellished them with our superhero favor tags. “Thanks for helping me fight evil and restore peace” seemed like a great sentiment! Take that expensive party favors! Not only were these superhero party favors quick to assemble, they were very inexpensive! That’s what we call a double threat!

“Even a superhero gets thirsty”. It’s a good thing we had a line-up of “super energy drinks on hand. Printable wrappers and straw embellishments made dressing up ordinary water bottles a cinch—regular H20 by day, and super energy charged water after the quick addition of printable labels. It’s the little details that bring that extra dose of excitement into a party space! Dehydration busters are a must at every party! Make sure your beverage station is stocked with water.

Did you keep up with all those easy-to-replicate, budget-friendly superhero party dessert table ideas? If not, strap on your party planning superhero cape, and fly through the photos one more time! There are loads of great ideas for your next superhero birthday party!

Planning a super hero birthday party? Check out these party sources put together by the Spaceships and Laser Beams crew.

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Get some more boys’ super hero birthday party ideas here.

Plus, don’t miss out on 41 Superhero Birthday Party Supplies, Games and Ideas

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