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Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids

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There will be no couch potatoes in my house this summer! I know kids (and moms) appreciate screen time but too much sitting around the house means boredom and grumpies. Spring, summer, or fall—and maybe even winter—I think an outdoor color or nature scavenger hunt is one of the best ideas to get everyone outside. Download my free outdoor scavenger hunt PDF printable to make it easy and maybe add a wagon, tricycle, or scooter for more motivation. Thanks to Radio Flyer for sponsoring this post and getting everyone moving!

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids

(Take a peek at these water balloon games for more outdoor entertainment!)

With my background as an elementary teacher, I was trained to recognize the importance of imaginative playtime, even for toddlers and small children. While adults might think play is “just fun”, it is also one of the ways kids develop ideas about how life works.

Playing roles like superhero, space captain, and king of the castle helps kids understand and express feelings and develop empathy. Language skills are improved with looking, listening, and talking. Social skills such as taking turns, negotiation, and cooperation, are sharpened.

Radio Flyer Scooter Bell

All those great results from good ole’ play time? Anything safe that encourages imaginative play gets an A+ in my book! Given the opportunity, I was all for building Radio Flyer scooters for my boys’ summer adventures.

Customized Radio Flyer Scooter

And Radio Flyer now lets you customize your ride. With the scooter build, there are over 250 combinations of colors, graphics, add-ons, and personalization.

Radio Flyer Adventure Travel

Radio Flyer, the world’s leading builder of wagons, tricycles, pre-school scooters and ride-ons, is celebrating their 100-year anniversary this year. When founder Antonio Pasin started building Radio Flyers in 1917, he dreamed of “bringing joy to every boy and every girl.”

Wouldn’t he be amazed to see all the hours of fun play his products have given? Radio Flyer has become a timeless symbol of childhood imagination and the most loved brand for kids’ wheels in the world.

Travel Agency for Kids

Part of their anniversary celebration included a one-day Radio Flyer Travel Agency where kids “visited” wonderfully quirky destinations, made possible with imagination and Radio Flyer products. I wish I could have taken my boys to that!

Dragon Defense

Radio Flyer Travel Agency

Along with our new scooter, we received a “travel kit” that included fanciful postcards with destination ideas, Dragon Drool Defense, and Rabid Monster Repellent (sunscreen and insect repellent). For sure, fun items to fire up imagination!

Kid's Color Scavenger Hunt

Kid's Scavenger Hunt Ideas

My boys are loving the adventures they’re having with their new scooters. Our local park is within walking distance but usually that trek becomes long and boring for my guys. Not now. Their scooters make it fun.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

And last time, I added an outdoor color hunt. It was really cool watching the boys make the connections as they found items that “match the paper”.

Free Color Scavenger Hunt Printable

If you’d like to try it with your kids, get the free printable here.

I already knew Radio Flyer wagons make little guys happy. Now I can tell you scooters do, too. Radio Flyer can even transform little couch potatoes into space aliens. Or robots on a mission. Or small tyrants with frowns into little boys
with smiles.

Enjoy the ride and share what imaginary destination or fun adventure your kids take with their Radio Flyer. Use #radioflyer100 to enter to win.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Radio Flyer. The opinions and text are all mine.

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