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New – Motocross / Dirt Bike Dessert Table

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I wanted to share the photos today of the dessert table we recently did featuring the Xtreme Awesome motocross / dirt bike birthday party collection that Jolene of Two Blonde Chicks Inc designed. Catherine of Goodness Bakeshop conceived and provided a lot of the awesome food on the table including the chocolate cupcakes, flavored fudge, and mini Mississippi mud pies. The cake above, was her double chocolate brownie cake. I cannot tell you how amazing it is. It may be my new favorite flavor from Goodness Bakeshop.

If you couldn’t tell, our idea was to incorporate a lot chocolate (not a bad thing) to reflect the massive amount of dirt and mud involved in the sport. We also tried to take visual cues from dirt bike/motocross races and subtly incorporate them into the table. For instance, a spectator grandstand (the tiered stand), piles of tires (the black licorice candy), obstacles/hills (the cake with its little finish line pennant), mud puddles (the mini Mississippi mud pies), tires (the peach donuts) and cool, unexpected culture of the sport (the xtreme fudge – actually berry and coconut lime flavors). 

Catherine came up with the genius idea of doing donuts for the dessert table to play off the dirt bike theme. But these aren’t the deep friend concoction. They’re actually hollowed out peaches, covered with a white chocolate glaze and garnished with nuts. They were delicious. And a great way to sneak in a healthier treat option.

These mud pies were amazing. Catherine used an avocado base for the pudding. I couldn’t tell the difference and it was so creamy and good. 

Proudly Prepared by the Spaceships Kitchen

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