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Mummy Brains Mac & Cheese Cups

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Sam is 7 now. Is that old enough for Halloween mummies and zombies and things that go bump in the night?

Mummy Brains Mac & Cheese Cups

Umm, not really, says this mom. Not the very frightening versions anyway. I have no desire to sow fear into my son.

We’ve already been through the there-are-monsters-hiding-under-my-bed phase. No repeats, please.

Sam has got to be on his game for school and I need my beauty sleep.

I’m all for dressing up in costumes and having fun though, even if that means an insane amount of candy. Just how many sweet treats can a kid eat?

Halloween Party Food Ideas for Kids

A scary amount.

Sam will get to satisfy his sweet tooth but we have a rule about not eating the candy haul all at once. I dole it out, a little at a time.

One year it lasted through the entire month of November and that was with Mike and me snitching a few pieces, too.

Well, mostly me snitching. Mike is amazingly, disgustingly, disciplined when it comes to sweets.

Mac & Cheese Mummy Brains for Halloween

Halloween fun without too much candy translates into “dressing” for dinner at our house. That might mean top hats at the table and a special appearance by Buzz Lightyear.

It also means a themed meal. Especially on a busy night like Halloween I appreciate quick and easy but it must taste good or Sam won’t eat it.

Horizon Cheesy Mac

This year it’s mummy brains, aka that kidlet favorite, dressed up Horizon Cheesy Mac.

It’s enough of a creepy idea to give a seven-year-old boy a thrill and I can feel good about it because I know Sam is getting yummy organic ingredients and protein before his candy binge.

Mummy Brains Halloween Party Food Idea

A few strips of gauze, google eyes and imagination will make dinner memorable before heading out into a dark and stormy night.

Geesh. I hope it doesn’t storm this year.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Horizon Organic. The opinions and text are all mine.

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