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Monster Themed Boy’s Birthday Party!

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I thought I would share on the blog today the photos Mike took as part of Celebrations at Home‘s recent vendor challenge. The participants were asked to create a dessert table and a tablescape based on the theme “Pink and Orange.” I had to admit when I first heard the theme I panicked a little, given that we sell party supplies for boys. But then I regrouped and realized it would indeed be an awesome challenge. We used Andrew‘s Monster Fest Collection. Catherine, also one of the SandLB designers and owner of Goodness Bakeshop, partnered with us and supplied all the baked goods — an orange and basil cake, a berry banana monster cake and citrus monster cupcakes. A few of our neighbors joined us to eat them after and I can personally say every single thing she baked was awesome.

Check out the photos…

And here’s that delish orange basil cake from Goodness Bakeshop. If you’re thinking what a crazy taste combination for a cake, don’t be quick to judge. It is amazing. Mike and I first had it at Catherine’s house. Then I ordered it to be my birthday cake. Then I specifically requested it for this photo shoot. We’re having it at Mike’s birthday in a couple of weeks. And it will probably make a showing at Sam’s birthday as well. Can you tell we really like it? LOL

These citrus cupcakes were also amazing. Catherine made six but we only needed four. Mike and I each had one of the extras before we took any photos.

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