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Modern Americana, 4th of July Inspired Table

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A bunch of items that are on a table

Two of our own dessert tables featured in one week on our own blog. It’s a record! We wanted to do a dessert table that could be used for an easy summer boy’s birthday party, particularly a first birthday. Using the 4th of July as our influence (the wool flowers look like sparklers, use of pie, cherries, red white and blue and repetition of stars), we developed what we are calling a “Modern Americana” dessert table using Nicole’s childhood toy collection. Catherine ofGoodness Bakeshop fame supplied the vegan baked goods. We’re always trying to prove that boy friendly style can be easy, accessible and affordable, so the best part of all is that this table was done for under $100. 

Check our more of Mike’s photos…

A group of items on a table

Blog and Blue

The blackberry cupcakes and pies in a jar (mixed berry) are from Goodness Bakeshop. 

Blog and Blue

A cup of coffee on a table, with Pie and Cake

These were pie “fries.” Twisted pieces of leftover pie dough sprinkled in sugar. We had a strawberry preserve on the side for dipping, like ketchup. It was actually quite a fun and tasty way to eat “pie.”

Blue and Red

Blog and Blue

Blog and Cake

Here’s a close-up of Catherine’s blueberry cake. We got the idea for the icing design here.

Blog and Cake

And this is a close-up of her lemon blackberry cake. Also delicious. (I can’t even explain the commotion in the house trying to get these sparklers lit and photographed, haha)

A cake with lit candles

Americana and Blog

Proudly Prepared by the Spaceships Kitchen

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