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Milk and Cookies Birthday Party Dessert Table

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Table of Contents
  1. Milk and cookies, what a classic combination for a great cookie monster themed boy’s first birthday party
  2. Check out even more cookie monster party ideas

Milk and cookies, what a classic combination for a great cookie monster themed boy’s first birthday party

Mom of birthday boy Logan, Lauren of Capes and Crowns, did an amazing job of capturing the essence of her son and making it into a “sweet” first birthday party theme.

Lauren’s inspiration was taken directly from her son: “When I started planning Logan’s first birthday party the first two things that came to my mind is his love for milk and his unique, sweet personality. A cookies and milk party for my little one seemed like an obvious choice.”

In addition to the classic combination of milk and cookies, the theme of Cookie Monster was also incorporated to really liven up the theme for the kids.

Check out the entire party as captured by Danielle McCann Photography.

The set up of the party was nothing short of adorable.  Everything was so thoughtful, detailed and beautifully presented.

Lauren even went as far as creating an entire “Monster World” for the kids to enjoy at this cute first birthday party.

Although we all know Cookie Monster to be quite messy, the host Lauren still maintained a very tidy look throughout.

Lauren’s idea to keep the same theme of brown and blue was very evident and made everything about the party seem soft but still have that fun, boyish feel.

Speaking of Cookie Monster, an edible version of him was sitting atop a gorgeous round cake being his voracious self by cramming cookies in his mouth.

Wouldn’t this cookie monster ice cream be perfect at this party!?

Lauren very cleverly incorporated her guests into the theme by inviting everyone to bake and share their favorite cookies for the party.

It’s so wonderful when people can find a theme that connects with everyone, both young and old.

(My all-time favorite cookie recipes are this one and this one.)

It was clear to see how her guests were the main priority (after the birthday boy, of course!) as everything from the layout to the party favors were so perfectly well thought-out.

As soon as you walked in, Lauren wanted the main table to be the focal point.  Her decorations featured lots of brown to enhance the cookie theme.

Dotted around the table she had brown paper pom poms and brown and cookie themed balloons.

She had a darling poster displaying a lovely welcome message with cute images of a milk bottle and chocolate chip cookies.

She also used brown paper to cover some cookie jars and included some beautiful quotes from Cookie Monster himself. It reminds me of the thoughtful way another beloved Sesame Street character was incorporated into this party.

The cutest little milk bottles with straws and chocolate sprinkles around the rims really helped make the display come together.

Of course the decorations came second to the “cookies galore” that were displayed on the table. 

As it was a family only event, beautiful name cards were created to label the cookies and feature each family member’s famous cookie.

Wanting to go for a cohesive look, Lauren connected the brown and blue theme by making Cookie Monster footprints to lead guests to the “Monster Land” where everything was blue! (Check out everything red for Elmo here if you want to add him in.)

Hanging from the ceiling were giant blue Cookie Monster paper decorations.  The table runner was white and blue and had tons of blue Cookie Monster treats lined up for the kids to enjoy!

There were blue Cookie Monster cupcakes, blue cookies and to keep with the theme, blue “Monster milk” was served.

There was also a small Cookie Monster smash cake, which was later enjoyed by the birthday boy!

You can tell that this mom really understands little boys and was so thoughtful in creating a fun and playful world for them to enjoy. 

What better way to enjoy the day than with cookies and pretending to be cookie monster?

If you’d like to expand your character selection and bring in other Sesame Street favorites, you should check out these Sesame Street party ideas.

Finally, to complete the entire party set up, was another table displaying the cutest party favors for both adults and children.

The adults were given cookie mix in a jar, to be made with their own kids at home.  The jar was covered with a beautiful blue material with some nice ribbon and of course a Cookie Monster tag to remind you where it came from.  What an awesome way to remember a great day!

Then the kiddies were given cookie boxes to take home their favorite cookies.  I have to hand it to Lauren, that is so clever.  Both a cute, on theme gift, and practical since your guests get to take home leftovers ensuring less waste.

Lauren reported that everyone had wonderful time at the party, including the birthday boy who was completely covered in blue frosting by the end of the day.

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Cookie and Party


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