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Magic Treehouse Book-Themed Boy’s Birthday Party

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Get ready for adventure! Inspired by Jack and Annie’s world travels through time, this is an unbelievable outdoor Magic Treehouse-themed boy’s birthday party.

Planned by Heidi Rew, of Parties for Pennies, is full of incredible kid-powered adventures to celebrate Davey’s 6th birthday.

Creative treehouse-themed decorating ideas, a really cool cake, and awesome themed party favors make for an event so exciting, it might make you wish you were a kid again so you could experience it.

Watch closely to collect all the clues for your mission: party planning inspiration.

Boy's Magic Treehouse Birthday Party Ideas

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Boy's Magic Treehouse Birthday Party Ideas

Outdoor parties can require a little more planning, but Heidi imaginatively created a cool “treehouse” atmosphere at a neighborhood park.

A DIY portable backdrop frame holds themed fabric and a DIY chalkboard sign at the park’s shadiest, least windy spot.

Sturdy wooden crates prevent themed decorations like oversized “reference books” (kraft paper-wrapped shirt boxes embellished with gold washi tape) and rolled maps, from blowing away.

A picnic blanket and throw pillows make a cozy area for kids to decipher clues or just hang out.

Boy's Magic Treehouse Birthday Party Cake Ideas

Kyle’s Cakes’ jaw-dropping treehouse cake and perfectly coordinating cupcakes look great presented on a vintage folding table with a burlap runner.

Boy's Magic Treehouse Birthday Party Cupcake Ideas

“Adventure Fuel” snack packs are full of brain food: pretzel sticks, carrots, cucumber sticks (Davey loves cucumbers), ranch dressing, a mozzarella stick, fruit leather, and a juice boxbut before snack time, little adventurers took off on a scavenger hunt!

Boy's Magic Treehouse Birthday Party Snack Ideas

Solving clues just like Jack and Annie, they collected their party favors (aka adventure gear): a red backpack (like Jack’s in the books), canteen, binoculars, and a homemade Adventure Passport Book with a cool branch pencil.

Boy's Magic Treehouse Birthday Party Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Heidi’s mom, an amazing first grade teacher who also runs a kids’ summer camp with her husband, helped lead party guests in fantastic themed activities inspired by books in the series.

They made fossils for Dinosaurs Before Dark; acted out Mummies in the Morning by wrapping Davey up like a mummy; and searched for buried treasure, like Jack and Annie in Pirates Past Noon.

Finally, as a nod to Midnighton the Moon, they made constellation creators out of toilet paper rolls and decorated them with stickers, markers, and paper. With a flashlight, it will project stars on the ceiling.

After completing all the activities, kids got a “stamp” sticker inside their passports and took home a few more stickers, for all their future adventures!

Boy's Magic Treehouse Birthday Party Scavenger Hunt Ideas

The Magic Treehouse book series’ irresistible blend of magic, adventure, and mystery are extremely well-represented in this party’s decorations, party favors, activities. It’s the perfect celebration for both little readers and little adventurers, and it’s full of fun party ideas for any venue, budget, or age.

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