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Kid’s Project Idea: Lego Science

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LEGO! That is a magic word to some kids’ and some adults! Dayna, who blogs at Lemon Lime Adventures, is a former teacher who now homeschools her children and comes up with some pretty cool learning activities. One of the science experiments she did with her boys was what she termed an “ice excavation experiment”. This is a great science lesson that could also be used as a boy’ fun birthday party activity, too. I appreciate that it is an easy idea to set up and it engages a guy’s attention for the duration of the experiment.

Science and LEGO

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Visit Dayna’s blog and discover lots of sensory play ideas. I love it when learning is so much fun for kids that it becomes more play than work. If your son is enamored of all things Lego, be sure to also check out Dayna’s Lego Calm Down Jar.

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