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Kid’s Project Idea: Alligator Affirmation Box

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How many times have you told your little guy you love him? More times than you can count is my guess. Heather, from Crayon Box Chronicles, has this awesome idea of showing love in a really creative way: the Alligator Affirmation Box. First off, the alligator box is a great recycled craft project that uses things like an egg carton and tissue box. Added value is the way that box is used to encourage positive words of encouragement that build confidence and self-esteem.

Box and Idea

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Visit Crayon Box Chronicles for specifics on how to make the alligator and to learn how Heather incorporates phrases such as I believe in me, I am loved and I am truthful as part of everyday loving. While youre there, notice the darling Farm Small World from recycled cereal boxes and popsicles sticks. Its worth the trip!

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What is your favorite recycled craft idea?

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