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Kid’s Party Crafts: Dinosaur Plate Craft

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Whether you want to make a meal time special or if you’re getting ready for a boys dinosaur themed birthday party, knowing how to make a paper plate dinosaur is not only a cool kid’s party craft, it’s an important life skill for moms to learn! 🙂

On a dessert table, cover the bodies with cupcakes for an illusion of bumpy scales. For a guest table, keep them within your party’s color theme—or make the dinosaur herd reflect the rainbow!

Either way, they are adorable, useful decorations that are easy enough for the kids to make too. If they’re old enough to handle scissors, they can do the entire process. Younger kids will appreciate the pieces already being cut out so they can have the fun of arranging and gluing.

Dinosaur and Party

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To make a dinosaur you’ll need:

  • 3 paper plates
  • 1 partial sheet of construction paper or cardstock
  • glue and a hot glue gun, glue dots or glue sticks
  • scissors

To make the dino head, I used the inner ridge on a plate as the cutting guideline. You could also trace around a bowl if your plate doesn’t have a ridge. Alternately, you can cut a circle out of paper for the head if you prefer.

A close up of a green plate, with Dinosaur and Party

You can actually get two tail pieces out of one plate, with just a bit of waste in the middle. For the tail I cut a curved piece out of one side. You can eyeball it or if you prefer to be more precise, use the arc of a bowl’s rim for a pattern. Save the first tail and trace two curved lines across from each other if you’re making more than one. Cut them out.

A close up of a green plate, with Dinosaur and Craft

For the spikes, I cut a strip about 2 ½” wide and cut triangles. With an 8 ½ x 11 piece of paper, you can fold it into thirds lengthwise and alternate the angle you cut. One piece of paper yields over 30 scales.

Last, I glued the scales to the body and tail pieces, slightly overlapping them. That’s all there is to it! After you determine the placement of the head and tail in relation to the main body piece you can put a dab of glue to hold them together if you’d like.
A cup of coffee on a table, with Dinosaur and Party

A cup of coffee on a table, with Dinosaur and Party

This craft idea is easy fun and it looks super on a dinosaur themed party table!

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What’s your go to dinosaur themed craft to do with children?

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