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Jack and the Beanstock First Birthday Party

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This first birthday party for one-year-old Cassius featured a whimsical take on the Jack and the Beanstalk tale. This Jack and the Beanstalk First Birthday Party is styled by Anne Angel of UR Invited. Finding a theme for a birthday party that is exciting and fun for the kids while still looking beautiful and clean can be tricky, but Anne has achieved that perfect balance with this darling first birthday party setup.

Jack and the Beanstalk Birthday Party Ideas

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This party is a perfect example of how we can celebrate our kids and their favorite books in a whimsical and charming way. If you follow this blog then you know how passionate we are about inspiring our kids to love reading. So of course, we love featuring any party that is based on a book. Especially when the party is as delightful and appealing as this one. 

Anne did a wonderful job creating an adorable and enchanting first birthday party for little one-year-old Cassius. She was able to capture the essence of the book and portray it in a beautiful, modern way that all the guests, both young and old, could enjoy. The entire party setup was quite magical. The decór had such a lovely and charming feel. It was light, fun, and full of charm without going overboard.

Sky blue hues and simple earth tones really helped set the mood for the party. Everything feels fresh, light, and airy, as though you too are climbing the beanstalk amongst the clouds. This party’s essence of magic and whimsy completely enraptures you as the smaller details slowly start to sink in.

While the sky and beanstalk seem to be the main attraction, the party really starts to come alive when you take notice of how well thought out all of the small details are, especially the treats and place settings. Anne’s treats for this party were so clever. There were magic (jelly) beans, chocolate gold coins, pieces of rocky road, and more.

The birthday boy’s cake features an enthusiastic Jack climbing up the beanstalk above a perfect blue sky dotted with the puffiest, softest clouds. Not to mention her setup was gorgeous. She used lots of glass jars and containers which gives that same light, floating sensation we see throughout the party. Everything was set atop a burlap sack tablecloth, which represents that slightly rugged, adventurous character that we see in Jack (and maybe even in our own kids).

Drawing the entire room together was an adorable printed backdrop depicting Jack, the beanstalk, and the castle. Seeing Jack gazing towards the castle, which is floating on clouds, really gives you that feeling of adventure and suspense that we get from the book. Seating for the little guests featured green accented items such as green chairs, bowels, and plastic spoons and forks. The bright white of the tablecloth really makes the green accents pop and enhances the theme of the beanstalk. Her addition of blue and white striped straws just adds more of her sense of fun and festivity which shines through this entire setup.

This party decor looked so effortless and simple, yet still extraordinary as well as fun for all the guests to enjoy. Anne’s setup made the party guests feel as if they were actually in the book with Jack like they were in the sky above the clouds, and flawlessly brought to life the magic of such a beloved children’s story. What a wonderful way to spend a first birthday party!

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