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[Inspiration] Soccer/Football Birthday Party

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A birthday cake made to look like a train

Today’s boy party inspiration is a wonderful soccer (or football party to the rest of the world outside Canada and the USA), sent to me by Alessandra from Almalu’s Place, which is based in Italy. In April, we featured a vespa themed birthday party Alessandra threw for her husband. This party was thrown to honor her cousin’s 10th birthday. The stationary products, created by Susanna from Daily Suze, are super cute and I love the fact that the boy on the cake looks just like the birthday boy himself — as well as all the red and black detais that reflect the birthday boys favorite team, Milan. I have many of my favorite photos below and you can check out even more info about this party in Alessandra’s original post. And for soccer/football party ideas, check out parties here and here.

Party and Birthday

A birthday cake

A box filled with different types of food, with Party and Birthday

Party and Birthday

A bottle of water

Proudly Prepared by the Spaceships Kitchen

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