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Lemonade Stand First Birthday

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Table of Contents
  1. Lemonade Stand Party Food Ideas
  2. Lemonade Stand Party Decoration Ideas
  3. Lemonade Stand Party Games
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Events are not easy to plan, no matter the occasion. But when the event is your child’s first birthday party, every aspect of the day needs to feel just right. This lemonade stand’s first birthday party was created by Vanessa Alexander to celebrate her son Grayson’s first birthday. The idea of having a lemonade stand-themed first birthday party is so unique. There are so many things you could do to celebrate your child’s first year in the world. The number of options can be paralyzing. You also want to make sure that the theme of the party will make for some amazing photo opportunities because you’ll want to be able to look back and reminisce about this special day. 

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Who doesn’t love lemonade? This sweet and refreshing drink brings back so many wonderful childhood memories for all of us. There is nothing better than a glass of cold lemonade on a hot summer’s day. What a great theme to design a memorable birthday party around. Don’t you agree? 

Lemonade Stand Party Food Ideas

This unique idea for a lemonade stand-themed birthday party is incredibly nostalgic and lends itself effortlessly to so many great drinks and party foods. Lemonade can be characterized as either clear or cloudy. Both are delicious and sweet but have a subtle flavor and texture differences.

You could also serve a pink lemonade that has added fruity flavors such as strawberry or raspberry which give the drink its distinct pink color. This homemade raspberry lemonade recipe is a delicious option. You could also easily make blueberry lemonade. no matter which one you choose, these drinks are guaranteed to go down smoothly.

Where to start with party food? The lemon flavor is often used in sweet dishes as opposed to savory ones. Try Lemon cupcakes with lemon icing, lemon meringues, lemon drizzle cake, lemon cookies, lemon cheesecake, lemon pudding, lemon ice cream…or even strawberry lemonade popsicles. This lemon icebox cake(poke cake) is also FANTASTIC. The list of sweets goes on and on. You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to sweet treats that you could bake or buy from the grocery store with this lemonade stand party theme.

When it comes to savory lemon dishes, you could make some simple lemon pasta, lemon rice, or lemon chicken bites. There are also “done for you” options like skillet chickenOf course, we don’t recommend that you exclusively have lemon-flavored food and drinks. That would be a bit much on the palette! But these are all delicious and centerpiece options that guests, young and old will enjoy.

Lemonade Stand Party Decoration Ideas

You’re certainly not going to be stuck for options when it comes to decorations either. The lemonade stand party theme lends itself to a simple, rustic charm and bright colors. Wooden slats and a touch of paint have created an easy but charming display. Old pallets can be perfect for this and we have so many pallet ideas and pallet projects for you to get inspired by. 

Your varieties of lemonades can be stored in jugs or larger beverage dispensers so that guests can help themselves. Mason jars would also be cute to drink from. The color scheme for this lemonade stand-themed party is of course going to be yellow, with touches of orange and maybe even a hit of pale pink if you’re serving a pink lemonade. These bright and beautiful colors are easy to come by and so simple that decorating for the party needn’t be a chore. Baskets of lemons and vases of yellow and orange flowers will make wonderful centerpieces. Yellow cups, plates, and straws would be an added bonus of course.

Lemonade Stand Party Games

There are also kid’s party games that you could play with lemons that your one-year-old and their friends will love, and we are sure you and the other parent will find amusing and may want to give it a go yourself. Simply place a lemon in a large bowl or bucket of water, then using spare change or another thing, a flat disk-shaped item, try to balance the penny on top of the floating lemon. Sound easy? Give it a go and we are sure that you’ll be surprised! Check out these outdoor party games, if your party is going to be outside.

A lemonade stand-themed first birthday party for your special little one is a unique idea that we could not resist sharing with you. If you’re looking for a birthday party that’s not a logistical nightmare to pull off, but also one that’s going to be memorable and fun, this one is it!

Who doesn’t love the bright colors associated with citrus fruits? Everyone will be in awe of this party theme because, let’s face it, who didn’t make a lemonade stand when they were a kid, and who doesn’t have wonderful memories associated with such a classic drink? More importantly, this lemonade stand-themed party lends itself to some amazing photo opportunities so you’ll always be able to look back on your child’s special first birthday.

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