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DIY Dinosaur Party Ideas

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  1. Source products for your own homemade dinosaur birthday party with these party supplies:
  2. Get more boy’s dinosaur birthday party inspiration here.
  3. Plus, don't miss out on 30 Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas...

If you’re looking for a boy’s party theme that is sure to be an epic success, dinosaurs are certainly one of the all-time greats.

This party theme is adventurous and thrilling while also adaptable to accommodate kids of all ages and courage levels (i.e., nice dinosaurs vs. ferocious dinosaurs).

We were thrilled to find this homemade dinosaur party from Natasha of Mini Mocha. Dinosaur party inspiration abounds.

Check out the photos to see great DIY decoration ideas featuring dinosaurs, homemade printable elements, fun dinosaur party activities, and of course dinosaur inspired party favors and cake!

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To set the scene for some prehistoric party fun, Natasha used her DIY skills to make huge scale dinosaur props out of plywood and mdf that she had on hand. Upcycled cardboard was also used to create pterodactyls that hung overhead.

Rustic signs were created from cardboard with brown painted words like “dig” and “extinct”. Using contact paper, dinosaur footprints were made and placed to make a path for party guests to follow leading into the party.

In the background, Jurassic Park themed music was playing as an added detail to add ambience.

As guests arrived, they received the name of a dinosaur to add to the dinosaur height chart—a great party activity to get guests involved from the beginning of the celebration.

Other party activities included dancing the “dinosaur stomp”, assembling a dinosaur skeleton floor puzzle (another great DIY using cardboard), playing dinosaur statutes, and creating dinosaur fossils in homemade playdough (colored to resemble dirt).

Guests also played a balloon popping game, appropriately names “pop the TRex egg”. Pictures of dinosaurs from each balloon had to be matched up on dinosaur identification posters.

If those activities weren’t already exciting enough, guests also got to make volcanoes using baking soda, red food coloring, water, liquid soap, and vinegar.

There were dinosaur coloring pages and even a balloon dinosaur-making competition for the adults! This party had something for everyone!

Certainly after so much activity, guests worked up ferocious appetites. Lucky for them, The Cretaceous Café was an on-site restaurant dreamed up by Natasha that boasted a creative menu with such items as: bronto burgers (warm roast ham in bun), pterodactyl wings (honey and soy chicken wings), lava pools (dinosaurs in Jell-O), T. Rex trail mix, herbivore heaven (mixed veggie sticks and dip), ferocious fruit, and baby dino nests (mini vanilla cupcakes).

Check out the creative watermelon cut to look like a dinosaur and used as a serving dish for cut fruit!

A dinosaur birthday cake was created using a chocolate brownie mix. How fun to have it cut in the shape of a dinosaur and embellished with candy.

Water bottles got a prehistoric makeover with cork inspired beverage wraps and guests’ names written on leaves tied on with small pieces of twine. I am sure the café was a happening spot at the birthday party.

Parting gifts for guests included favor bags filled with all sorts of fun dinosaur themed goodies including a homemade gingerbread dinosaur cookie, a glow-in-the-dark dinosaur skeleton, dinosaur crayon, candy, and other trinkets.

A cute printable dinosaur was attached to the bag.

Talk about a cool homemade dinosaur party! There are plenty of party details to inspire your own prehistoric party!

Source products for your own homemade dinosaur birthday party with these party supplies:

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Get more boy’s dinosaur birthday party inspiration here.

Plus, don’t miss out on 30 Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

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