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School Themed Baby Shower Ideas

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  1. Planning a back to school baby shower? Check out these A+ party supplies:
  2. Be sure to check out baby shower inspiration here.
  3. Plus, check out 34 Awesome Boy Baby Shower Themes...

Pop quiz!

Q:  How do you creatively celebrate a school teacher’s new little arrival?

A:  With a back to school themed baby shower! This wonderful party was thrown by Whitney, of Whitney Smith Photography, for her friend Emily. The set-up is perfect right down to the last detail – including cafeteria lunch trays to eat on and chalkboard inspired decorations.

While these classy ideas were used in a baby shower, they’d work for any school or learning themed party too!

Back to School Baby Shower

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When I close my eyes and think of an old school classroom, immediately my mind’s eye is flooded with visions of chalkboards, alphabet cards, proper letter formation, shiny red apples and shelves lined with books. Whitney incorporated these classic details in the styling for her friend’s baby shower.

A darling refreshment table was set with tissue poms and alphabet cards dangling from the ceiling. I always appreciate party styling that utilizes space above and below the tabletop, especially in unexpected ways.

A handmade table runner with over-sized, red rickrack was a terrific vintage embellishment for white cake stands and trays filled with scrumptious sounding lunch selections.

The hand scrawled chalkboard was the perfect menu display, which highlighted the bib salad, tomato bisque and chicken salad sandwiches.

Pretty blue mason jars, filled with simple white flowers, paired nicely with the pops of bright red apples placed purposefully on the refreshment table. A variety of quench-thirsting options was served, including water bottles with custom beverage wraps. A favorite detail has to be the throwback cafeteria style lunch trays for guests to use for eating!

A plate of food on a table, with School and Party

A tray of food on a table, with School and Party

A handwritten teacher-esque chalkboard schedule dictated a fun school-inspired series of events for the shower including free time, lunch time, story time, show and tell, and recess. Show and tell time was spent opening and “showing” gifts!

Food on a table, with School and Party

Whitney excused herself during show and tell to bake fresh cookies for guests to enjoy as their “after school snack”. The refreshment table was transformed into a dessert station with glasses of milk, warm cookies and peanut butter and jelly bars—so clever.

What a treat to be served warm cookies, fresh from the oven.

A close up of food, with School and Party

Whitney put together an especially thoughtful gift by including Emily’s students in a top secret project: students wrote their own words of advice for the mom-to-be. Whitney read these sage words at the shower and everyone enjoyed hearing their “advice.”

Whitney compiled the students’ notes with other shower memorabilia in a composition notebook (perfect choice!) as a treasured keepsake.

Before the final bell sounded and shower guests left, they were sent home with lunch sacks filled with Hot Tamales and a little note from“Mom” to remind each guest to “have a great day”.

The lined chalkboard with a “thank you for coming” message was a darling send-off.

What a fabulous way to celebrate a teacher’s impending new arrival or the first day of a new school season.

Planning a back to school baby shower? Check out these A+ party supplies:

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  • Learn to Letter Tablet
  • Natural Painted Wood Cutout, School Bus
  • Skirted Cake Stand
  • 3-Tier Cupcake Dessert Stand
  • Marble Cover Composition Book
  • Chalkboard
  • Paper Lunch Bags
  • Kraft Paper Bags
  • Mason Jar Vase Collection
  • Framed Chalkboard Place Cards with Easel
  • Acrylic Rectangular Textured Tray
  • Glass Water Bottles
  • Apple Red Striped Paper Straws

Be sure to check out baby shower inspiration here.

Plus, check out 34 Awesome Boy Baby Shower Themes


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