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A Creative Boy’s Puppy Themed Birthday Party

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Table of Contents
  1. Throw your own Puppy Party with these party supplies:
  2. More puppy party ideas:
  3. Plus, don't miss this amazing Go, Dog Go! Book-Themed Boy's Birthday Party...

Calling all puppy lovers! I’m not sure there is a cuter or more creative theme for celebrating a 3 year old’s birthday than a puppy party! Designed by Jessica, of Jessica Kettle Photography, to celebrate her puppy-loving son Max, this boy’s birthday party is unique and fresh and full of so many simple, budget-friendly DIY ideas.

And guess what? You don’t even have to have any real puppies to throw a puppy party like this one. Keep your eyes peeled for a great homemade birthday cake idea, darling do-it-yourself party favors, and creative party activities and handmade birthday party decorations.

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Parties are so much more fun when they center on the guest of honor and his wishes. Jessica actually planned this party because of her son’s obsession with thinking and pretending that he actually was a puppy.

From barking, to crawling on all fours, to insisting on eating out of his mother’s hand, and being referred to as “Puppy”, you get the point—all things puppy, all the time.

Settling on a boy’s puppy party theme was a no-brainer for this creative momma! Catering to a child’s interests almost always guarantees a successful birthday party! In the case of Jessica and her son Max, it’s pretty safe to say that the birthday boy was pleased with his puppy party too!

If you’re thinking about throwing your own boy’s puppy party, you might be wondering exactly how Jessica made this puppy “paw-ty” happen, and in such a short amount of time (less than 24 hours). The answer is simple—she DIYd a lot of the party food, party decorations, and party favors to coordinate with the puppy theme

The key is keeping the details simple and easy to replicate for the size of your guest list. Shopping local dollar stores can turn up a lot of great party supplies that won’t break the bank.

Let’s explore the party decorations Jessica rounded up or made herself in a little more detail. One of the fun, handmade decorations she made was the cute paw print table runner used to accent the party table.

This was a budget-friendly project that was quick to create. Jessica bought some inexpensive butcher paper and stamped red and blue puppy paw prints on it herself! The red and blue colors were carried throughout the rest of the party styling. Jessica added color coordinating balloons, party plates, cups, and napkins to the party table.

I love that she added a red fire hydrant to the tabletop décor—a clever puppy party prop that she found at the craft store for 50% off! Total score! Jessica threw in a faux dog bone, and voila—a puppy party was born.

You may have noticed that Jessica’s DIYd paw print design seen on the table runner was also duplicated on Kraft colored party favor bags for guests.

The sweetly designed favor bags functioned as additional table décor until claimed by departing party guests. Using stamps is a great way to repeat a décor pattern throughout various party elements.

Jessica was able to use the paw print stamps in another way to make handmade party labels.

To up the puppy party cool factor, Jessica planned for some pretty creative treats. She had the genius idea to make a cake that resembled puppy chow. She began by baking a cake in a glass bowl.

Once it cooled, she quickly turned it upside down and frosted it. To help it resemble dog food, she covered it in Cocoa Puffs.

To really drive the puppy chow cake idea home, she served the cake in a dog bowl from the pet store and displayed it on top of a clear glass cake stand. Brilliant!

When throwing a streamlined party, a birthday cake can be completely sufficient for party treats. But, if you would like to add in a couple more puppy themed treats to coordinate, we love the two ideas that Jessica chose. The dog bone shaped sugar cookies frosted in blue icing were a delightful choice.

After all, puppies need their bones.

And don’t forget the puppy chow (more of the Cocoa Puffs cereal)! Puppies need their food! Jessica prepared clear cellophane package of puppy chow for each guest, complete with a hand-stamped paw print label and a handwritten “chow”. “Bone” appetite!

Because no party hostess wants to end up in the doghouse, Jessica thoroughly planned for awesome take-home party favors for each of her son’s party guests. Each doggone cute party favor bag was filled with a dog bone cookie, puppy cow, and a bouncy ball for fetching. They were definitely a hit!

Additionally, Jessica scored big with stuffed puppies she found at her local dollar store. I imagine Jessica had her Oprah gift giving moment that went something like this: “You get a puppy, and you get a puppy…Everyone gets a puppy!”

A puppy party just isn’t a puppy party without living, breathing puppies.

The puppies at this party weren’t of the canine variety, however. Jessica helped transform her son’s party guests into the most adorable party puppies by gifting them each DIY’d puppy ears and dog collars. If you’re looking to replicate this idea, you can make them from felt and plain headbands.

Be prepared for cuteness overload!

With a whole litter of party puppies (ahem, guests) now to entertain, Jessica created an “obedience school” as part of the party activity line-up. Genius!

She created a poster that she hung in a room in her house to create this incredibly fun activity station. Puppy guests were “commanded” to roll over, bark, sit, lay, and perform various tricks to earn Skittles “dog treats”.

I’m smiling just thinking about that scene in my head.

Puppies love to play fetch! What better way to wear out a three-year-old and his birthday party friends than by playing an exciting game of fetch?

An easy party game to execute, this activity consisted of Jessica throwing a dog bone and giving each party “pup” a chance to run and get it. After the bone was fetched, each guest had to return it to be thrown to the next guest.

Following all of the puppy party activities, it was time to chow down on some puppy chow cake! Everyone knows that puppies don’t eat with their paws.

Anticipating the fun (and mess) to come, Jessica spread butcher paper on the floor so guests could eat just like puppies. Silverware not included. I’m sure that was a riot to watch.

You did a doggone good job Jessica! I hope after the party was over, I hope someone fetched you a blanket and pillow and you got to roll over and “play dead” for a few hours. You deserve a good cat nap after that awesome puppy party.

Throw your own Puppy Party with these party supplies:

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  • Red & Blue Balloons
  • Brown Kraft Paper Bags
  • Doggie Bone Cookie Cutter
  • Dog Prints Bowl
  • Stuffed Dog
  • Puppy Pinata
  • Dog Ears Headband

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