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Little Bunny Baby Shower Ideas

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  2.  And check out these Ideas for  Baby Shower Themes

This sweet little bunny baby shower, honoring an “expecting-a-boy” mom, was all handsome blues with hints of grey and little touches of pink. it proves there are so many more options for baby shower themes that you can choose from. The overall look of the baby shower decorations was charming. Kristin, at Bunny Cakes, put together a chic dessert bar for the event. Handmade treats with extra-special touches and an attractive display made this cake table the place to be at the party. This bunny cake would be an adorable addition.

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Some of Kristin’s secrets for making a dessert bar look fabulous include creating a balanced, but not symmetrical, table layout. An array of white serving dishes looks pretty, and they’re useful. Kristin recommends not bringing out all of the sweets at once, so as not to overload the table or tableware. A combination of dessert stands, cloche pedestals, and serving trays make a stylish and interesting presentation. Small details like scattering flower confetti in a contrasting color and using patterned paper to line serving trays add to the table’s overall allure. A complimentary background color enhances the theme colors and makes this table stand out, despite its subdued palette.

A super sweet cake by K. Rose Cake Design provides the focal point of the table. The simple design and smooth texture are complemented by delicate sugar blooms in the contrast color. A sweet little fondant sign, which was hand-stamped in edible ink, personalizes this beauty. The cupcake’s elegant cousin, a single-serving Bundt cake, is made just as party-friendly in shallow baking cups. Jelly beans look sophisticated in a pretty pedestal dish.

We’re in bunny love! Tiny homemade, hand-decorated bunny and flower sugar cookies top swirls of creamy frosting on traditional party confections. Providing treats of varying sizes is another of Kristin’s tips, and stacked cake stands create a perfect display for her adorably-detailed cupcakes.

Kristin had a stroke of genius when she thoughtfully provided small cake boxes for guests to take home sweets since some were shy when it came time to chow down on all the goodies. Party-goers sealed their boxes of dainty delicacies with a hand-stamped bunny sticker.

Anyone can put together a baby shower that’s just as beautiful as any other celebration by using coordinated colors, simple patterns, and a carefully executed theme. Of course, serving gorgeous and delicious goodies doesn’t hurt. Kristin flawlessly presented this lovely, themed dessert bar by using these simple techniques.

More baby shower ideas:

 And check out these Ideas for  Baby Shower Themes

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