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[Inspiration] Boy’s Rockstar Birthday!

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A close up of a plate on a table, with Party and Rock

Party and Rock

WIth all of the amazing inspiration on Pinterest, it is not hard at all to stumple upon boys’ birthday parties that would make great features on this blog. Although they’re still far outnumbered by girls’ parties, LOL. Julie from the blog, Warm Hot Chocolate, threw this rock and roll party for her son’s birthday. I pretty much love every detail in this party, but in particular the amazing DIY cardboard drumset and the decorate a guitar craft. By the way, make sure that you check out Julie’s original post to get all the behind the scenes details for this great boy’s birthday party.

A close up of a sign


Party and Rock

A plate of food on a table, with Party

Party and Birthday 

Party and Birthday

Party and Rock

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