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Baby Elephant First Birthday

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  1. More Elephant Party Ideas:
  2. Plus, check out these 15 baby elephant birthday party ideas for inspiration...

Are you searching for the perfect theme for your child’s first birthday party? Whether you plan to pull out all the stops or just want a simple gathering, this baby elephant first birthday party will provide plenty of inspiration.

All the elements are as sweet as can be! Prepare yourself for the stunning handmade decorations and sweet mini-cake created by Dulce Sobremesa.

A group of people in a room


Isn’t the full view of the room exquisite? The chandelier hanging overhead brings an elegance to this first birthday celebration.

(If you don’t have the luxury of a beautiful chandelier to draw your eyes upward at your party location, substitute balloons—a budget-friendly alternative!)

A living room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a table

What a beautiful venue for hosting a birthday party, no matter the age. Styling the refreshment table in the center of the room provides a nice focal point, but also allows guests to approach the table from all sides.

A variety of delicious refreshments were displayed on large, matching white platters.

Party and Birthday

We love how the darling baby elephant makes an appearance throughout the party decorations.

You can spot him hanging from round, oversized balloons overhead, on garlands, buntings, banners, and attached to posters, tabletop signs, and utensil holders.

We love that you can find him affixed to clear drinking cups and presents too.

There is no doubt that the first birthday party theme was centered on the baby elephant in the room. He even makes a repeat appearance on the sweet little smash cake for birthday boy Mateo.

A woman sitting on a table

The guest of honor’s place at the party was made special with a jumbo red balloon, and custom, handmade “Mateo” and “1” birthday garlands hanging from the front of his high chair.

How precious is his coordinating, handcrafted birthday hat?

Party and Birthday

What a fun setup for displaying the adorable birthday cake!

The elephants created out of fondant for the birthday cake look identical to the paper version seen as decorations throughout the party. And the cluster of red fondant balloons coming out of the top add a festive touch.

Talk about a great cake for the birthday boy!

A close up of a sign

If a baby elephant first birthday party is on the agenda for your little one, this party surely gave you some great ideas to start your planning.

The continuity of the color palette and repetition of the baby elephant motif throughout the decorations, birthday cake, and styling gives this boy’s birthday party a sophisticated charm.

More Elephant Party Ideas:

Plus, check out these 15 baby elephant birthday party ideas for inspiration…

A display in a store

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