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[Inspiration] A Beautiful Day on the Farm Party

Table of Contents

Table and Design  

I’m going to be posting sporadically until the new year as I try to get caught up on things, spend time with my family and not work more than 18 hours a day. But I couldn’t wait to share this farm themed boy’s birthday party from Dulce Design in Argentina. I’ve featured a few of their parties before and when I saw this one, I immediately emailed Mariana to see if she would mind me sharing this one as well. Check out some of my favorite photos below and for even more visit the original post!

Party and Birthday

A cake sitting on top of a table

A table full of hay

Party and Blog

A birthday cake

A cup of coffee on a table

A basket full of food, with Party and Birthday

A pile of hay

Party and Blog

Party and Birthday

Proudly Prepared by the Spaceships Kitchen

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