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How to Plan a Wild Kingdom Jungle Party

Table of Contents

Party and Cake

Hey guys, Samantha here again from Sweet Eats Cakes. This week I will be walking you through how to throw an awesome Wild Animal Kingdom party complete with an elephant cake tutorial. Since the last party I showed you [How to plan a police detective party”] was geared more towards slightly older kids I geared this party towards 2-5 year olds.


Animal print balloons
Green, tan, and brown streamers
Caution animal crossing signs
Animal footprints made from paper
Animal print tablecloths
You can also add plants you already have to the party rooms to help set the environment for the party.


Face painting
Find the peanut
Roaring contest
Animal Piñata
Keep your activities short and sweet to capture the little ones attention.


Hoagies in the shape of snakes
Hungry hippo dip and veggies
Gorilla grapes (fruit skewers)
Cheetah cheese and crackers
Animal crackers
Jungle juice (any kind of juice colored to match the party theme)


Elephant cake
Wild Kingdom cupcakes
Animal print sugar cookies
Zebra cakes (Little Debbies placed on sticks)
Mini banana pudding parfaits


Little flashlights
For favors give fun little themed items that can also be used during the party.

I hope you guys liked these ideas for a fun Wild Animal Kingdom party. Stick around because I will be showing you how to make an awesome elephant cake which will be the hit of the party! Also, be sure to check out my Pinterest board for this party because I have pinned a great tutorial for how to make the animal print sugar cookies and tropical leaves.

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