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How to Make Construction Party Cupcakes

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A bunch of different types of food, with Party and Construction

Hi guys Samantha from Sweet Eats Cakes again, in my first post I gave you some cute ideas to bring your construction themed birthday party together. Now I will show you how to make construction zone cupcakes that will be the hit of the party.

First up bake as many cupcakes as you will need to feed the guests. I used yellow cupcake wrappers to tie in the construction theme but, you could also use black or orange. Also, make yourself a batch of chocolate buttercream for the mud and grind up some Oreos for the dirt and set aside. You will need yellow, orange, black, and white fondant to make the cupcake toppers. Quantity will vary depending on how many toppers you need to make.

A close up of food, with Party and Construction

The first topper is a super easy construction cone. First, roll out the orange fondant and cup a square out using a cookie cutter.

Cake and Cup

Next, take a small amount of orange fondant and roll it into a cone shape. Then attach the cone to the square with a little bit of water.

An orange and white surface

Finally, to finish the cone roll out some white fondant and cut two very thin strips. Attach the strips to cone at the base and almost half way up the cone with water to finish.

A close up of a egg

Next up, is the construction hard hat. First roll the yellow fondant into a ball and then snip off the bottom of the ball with scissors to make a half ball shape. Then roll out an oval and attach the half ball to the oval to form the hat.

Party and Construction

Add indents to the top of the hat, as well as a square with a circle in the middle to the front of the hat. This will finish your yellow construction hat.

Party and Construction

A close up of a hand

The next topper is the stack of tires. First, roll out some black fondant but leave the fondant very thick. Then take a circle cookie cutter and cut three circles from the thick fondant.

A knife

After you have cut the circles use a ball tool to indent the centers of the tires. Next, to add tread take a small square cookie cutter and imprint the fondant around the entire tire. Repeat the imprint on both sides of the tire to complete to tread. Next, stack the tires securing them together with a little bit of water.

Party and Construction

Party and Construction

The last topper is probably the trickiest to make but, certainly will be worth it in the end. To start the dump truck your will need a fat square of yellow fondant for the cab of the truck.

Construction and Cake

Attach the cab to a thinner rectangle of yellow fondant. Next, add four small tires using the same technique we used before on the other tires.

A close up of food, with Party and Construction

Party and Construction

Then roll out a thin piece of white fondant for the windows of the cab and a thin piece of yellow fondant to finish the canopy of the cab. Lastly, you will need to make the dump body portion of the truck. In order to do this start with a thick piece of yellow fondant in a trapezoid shape.

Party and Construction

A piece of food, with Party and Construction

Hollow out the inside of the trapezoid using a ball tool. Fit the dump body on the truck to make sure the shape is correct and is in proportion with the rest of the truck. After you have the dump body completed you can add any finishing details to the truck like a grill or headlights.

A cake sitting on top of a table

To complete your cupcakes start with icing the cupcakes in chocolate buttercream (mud) and then roll them in the ground Oreos (dirt). Dont worry if the cupcakes are a little messy they are suppose to be construction zone cupcakes, the messier the better. Then add each of your toppers using a little buttercream as glue.

A piece of chocolate cake on a table

A birthday cake

A piece of chocolate cake on a table

A close up of a chocolate cake

A close up of a chocolate cake

For the tire topper I added a little chocolate buttercream to the tires to make them look messier. For the dump truck toppers I made them look like they were actually dumping dirt from the trucks. If you plan to do this make sure you attach the top of the dump body to the cab with a little water to secure it.

A piece of chocolate cake

So there you have it super easy cute cupcake toppers to match your construction party. Dont forget to check out our Pinterest board for more great ideas, and of course if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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