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How to Make a Teddy Bear Fondant Cake

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Samantha from Sweet Eats Cakes is back and ready to show you how to make an adorable bear topper for your cake that will be the centerpiece of the dessert table. If you missed the first post be sure to check it out to learn how to throw a teddy bear-themed baby shower.

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For this bear cake, you will need gray, white, and blue fondant (or any colors that match your party’s theme). You will want to start with a rectangular shape for the body and a round ball for the head of the bear. Attach the head to the body with some water. You may want to place a small down through the body and into the head for support.

Then make two matching logs for the legs and attach them with more water. (Note you do not need a lot of water just enough to wet the surface of what you are trying to attach). Now make two small matching half moon shapes for ears and attach them to the head.

Lastly, make two matching logs slightly larger than you made the legs and attach them as the arms of the bear. Now you have the basic body of the bear and are ready to add the details to make him pop.

The next step is to take a small oval or white fondant and attach it to the head to make the muzzle. On top of that attach a smaller blue oval and imprint small holes for the bear’s nostrils. She also added a patch detail and stitching to the bear’s body at this point to make it look more like a teddy bear. This step is optional depending on the look you want.

The next step is to take blue fondant and add small paw pads to the bear’s hands and feet. She again added stitching to the pads to match the rest of the bear. Then go in with black edible food paint and highlight the stitching marks on the bear’s pads and his patch. She also added the blacks of his eyes above his muzzle.

The last and very important step is to add a dot of white to the black of the bear’s eyes. This will make the bear’s eyes pop and look more realistic. Now that you have completed your adorable bear you can add him to the top of your cake. If you want to tie in the baby theme more try adding a pacifier to the bear’s mouth or have him holding a baby blanket.

So there you have an adorable baby bear that will make a great topper for any cake. If you are feeling ambitious you can make several small bears top the cupcakes as well. We really hoped you enjoyed this tutorial and will be able to use it at a future party of your own. And don’t forget to check out this post featuring a gorgeous teddy bear-themed first birthday and Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest board for many more great ideas.

Soaring to New Heights Back to School Party

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