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How to Make a Dragons Love Tacos Birthday Cake

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Hi guys, Samantha from Sweet Eats Cakes her, to show you my how to make cute taco cookies for your very own Dragons Love Tacos party. These cookies are so cute and tasty and all the kids will love them. If you are planning your own Dragons Love Tacos party, also be sure to check out my post on How to Plan a Dragons Love Tacos Party.

How to Make a Dragons Love Tacos Birthday Cake

So first up you will need vanilla flavored and regular Oreo cookies, hot tamales, shredded coconut, chocolate buttercream, and orange flavored tootsie rolls. First take your regular Oreos and grind them up in a food processor. Then add the ground Oreos to a small amount of chocolate buttercream to make taco meat. Then take green food coloring and add it to your coconut to make lettuce. Next, take your orange tootsie rolls and shred them through a cheese grater to make cheese. Lastly, cut the ends of the hot tamales to make tomatoes.

How to Make a Dragons Love Tacos Birthday Cake

Now that you have all the fixings you need for tacos its time to make the taco shells. First, pull apart the vanilla Oreos and scrap out the filling. Then you will need to cut a small portion of the end of each Oreo so that it will stand upright. Once you have completed preparing all of your taco shells you are ready to assembly your tacos. Remember for each Oreo you have you can make one taco.

Start with a line of chocolate buttercream towards the bottom of the taco where you made the knife cut. Then add the other side of the taco shell (cookie) against the buttercream line. Once you have both ends together the buttercream should hold them together upright. Make sure that you put the writing on the Oreos to the inside of the tacos so you dont see the writing when the tacos are assembled.

How to Make a Dragons Love Tacos Birthday Cake

Once you have your taco shells assembled you can add all of your fillings to complete your mini tacos. Start with the Oreo taco meat and make sure you get the Oreos to stick to the buttercream line you added previously. After the taco meat is added then add some shredded coconut lettuce on top. Complete each taco with shredded Tootsie roll cheese and two or three hot tamales. Then just repeat until you have as many mini tacos as you want for your party.

Check Out This Awesome Video to See the Cake in Action

So there you have it super cute mini tacos for your Dragons Love Tacos party or your Mexican fiesta party. Either way kids and adults alike will love these cute mini taco cookies. Hope you enjoyed this cute tutorial and, please check out the Pinterest board for more great ideas. See you next month with more great ideas for fun parties!

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