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How to Make a Bleacher Cupcake Stand for Your Football Party

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Table of Contents
  1. Let's talk football party decorations.
  2. More Great Boy's Football Party Ideas:

Let’s talk football party decorations.

It’s been football party week here at Spaceships and Laser Beams. We’ve previously featured the gorgeous vintage football birthday party from Heather and Jason of Hello My Sweet. So this week, we’re featuring a couple of the really cool DIY ideas from that party. First we featured their tutorial on how to make a football field table cover. Now, Heather and Jason are showing you how to make bleachers for cupcakes! It’s actually A LOT easier than it looks. I love a simple DIY!

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These are the supplies youll need:

  • Loctite adhesive – (6) ¼ X 3 X 4 wood strips (you decide if youd rather have 4)
  • 7/page/8 wood dowel – set of clamps
  • Krylon Brown Boots spray paint, or your color choice
  • Wood cutting tool (Stanley Hand Saw or a Black & Decker Jig Saw)
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Something to protect your work surface from adhesive (Loctite can be cleaned up with warm water and a cloth, but why take a chance?!)

Step One: Cut the wood strips in half so youll have (12) 2pieces. This will be enough for two sets of bleachers.

Step Two: Arrange 2 pieces of wood to look like L (basic step shape). Put some Loctite adhesive on the leading edge of the wood strip. Press it against the other strip, making sure you have the L shape. Repeat this process until you have 6 stairs. Let the adhesive dry for several hours. Next, take 3 L shapes (for one set of bleachers) and arrange them as pictured. Do this for both sets.

Step Three: Use Loctite to adhere the shapes together. Clamp them so they stay in position while they dry overnight.

Step Four: Time to add support legs so your bleachers stand upright. Measure the distance from the bottom of the top wood strip to the top of whatever surface its on. This is the necessary length of your supports. It will probably be about 4, but measurements may vary.

Step Five: Once you have your measurement, take the 7/page/8 wooden dowel and cut 4 pieces to length. This will give you 2 supports for each set of bleachers. Glue 1 support at each underneath corner. Let the adhesive dry for a few hours before turning the bleachers right side up. (You could drill holes and screw the supports in place if you prefer.)

Step Six: Ready to paint, if youd like! If you choose to paint AND you intend to use the bleachers for food, make sure nothing edible comes in direct contact with the paint. For example, use wax or parchment paper under your food items. OR use a food safe poly finish. There! That was easy, huh?! These bleachers are a really cute way to add dimension to your Dessert Table.

Visit Hello My Sweet for a Step by Step Tutorial

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