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A Boy’s Army Boot Camp Birthday Party – Hoorah!

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  1. Plan an army birthday party with these party supplies:
  2. More great party ideas:
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Guests at this boy’s army boot camp birthday party had so much fun! Party planner and photographer, Kimberly Shen, of From The Heart Events, had a vested interest in making this boy’s 10th birthday party high ranking; the guest of honor was her nephew, Michael.

I love how she incorporated authentic vintage military gear into her party decorations and styling ideas, and came up with clever theme coordinating treats – including army-inspired cupcakes and birthday cake  as well as perfectly planned outdoor party games and activities.

Spaceships and Laser Beams shares army boot camp birthday party ideas.

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Her high-energy activities were spot on and surely made a memorable impact with guests. You won’t want to miss a single detail of this action-packed boy’s army boot camp birthday party.

Guests were greeted by this welcome sign decoration. Using wood and a militaristic font really sets the scene.

Kimberly set up an awesome party command post using a vintage army pup tent. The wood sign seen here (as well as others throughout the encampment) were DIY and really helped to establish that boot camp feel.

The details at this army boot camp-themed birthday party are inspiring.

She dressed up the command post with a camouflaged backpack, American flags and military gear from her father’s military collection. 

What a fun place for guests to play and eat!

Even the meals were prepackaged MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) at this boot camp birthday.

Getting down and dirty works up a healthy appetite. Kimberly prepped MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) for each of the kids in bio-pack lunch boxes that are earth-friendly and fully biodegradable.

Each had a custom label attached to the front.

While these MREs were probably fresher and tastier than the real ones, with a ham and cheese sandwich, bag of chips, cookie, juice box and gum (real MREs have gum inside), the theme coordinating presentation was awesome.

Using military language made the birthday boot camp seem realistic.

The mess hall was in close proximity to the command post and was properly outfitted with army themed props, décor and refreshments.

Camouflage decor helped set the scene at this army themed birthday party.

Instead of a traditional table runner, Kimberly used camouflage netting – so creative! It was the perfect backdrop for a handmade camo bunting featuring the guest of honor’s name.

This green birthday cake included military and patriotic details - appropriate for an army boot camp party.

The dessert table was full of creative desserts. A green cake made by Kimberly was topped with army-themed candles. The inside was camouflaged cake. So cool.

These hand grenade cupcakes were ready to grab and go.

Just as fun were the cupcakes which had green Army men for toppers. Perfection (and so easy and budget-friendly). The grenade cupcake stand was genius.

Jelly army men were thematically appropriate and tasty.

A metal mess kit was the perfect way to serve up green army men gummy candy.

No birthday boot camp party would be complete without appropriate army training.

The activities were the heart of this army boot camp party experience.

Kimberly set up an interactive boot camp style obstacle course with a balance beam, saw horse leap, army crawl beneath camo netting, and even a water balloon grenade launch.

Real life army trucks made the party seem realistic.

A ride in a military M37 jeep was arranged along with a “wounded warrior” scavenger hunt, piñata, and fun in an army-themed bounce house.

This camo army bouncy castle was a hit with the soldiers in training at this army boot camp party.

A photo booth area was set up where guests could memorialize their fun by posing with some themed photo props.

As a remembrance of their Army boot camp birthday party experience, guests got to take home custom-stamped, metal dog tag necklaces and the little American flags they proudly waved during their jeep ride.

Even Uncle Sam attended this army boot camp birthday party.
What an absolutely incredible party for one military-loving boy and his lucky guests! Kimberly, we salute you and your 4 star party planning skills.

Plan an army birthday party with these party supplies:

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  • Camouflage Plastic Tablecloth
  • Pull Back Tank Toys
  • Plastic Camouflage Binoculars
  • Army Party Supplies
  • Mini Plastic Canteens
  • Camouflage Balloons
  • Camouflage Invitations
  • Camouflage Candles
  • Camouflage Face Paint
  • Army Balloon Kit
  • Camo Gear Favor Bags
  • Toy Hand Grenades

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