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Healthy Kid’s Party Food: Monster Oranges

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Sam and I had fun using oranges to make these “monsters”. We ate them with our family meal, but they would be a great healthy kids party food option on a dessert table, too. Something this fun can serve a decorative purpose; in the right setting it could even be one of the party activities. There are tons of options when you’re making fruit or vegetable monsters.

Monster Oranges

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Since I’ve been trying to help Sam develop a taste for healthy food, I’ve been trying to remember what worked on me—and what didn’t. Hearing “Eat your fruit and vegetables” didn’t make much difference when I was a kid. The simple command didn’t increase my appetite for the good stuff at all!

Since Sam has become my kitchen buddy, it seems to me that when he helps make something, he is much more likely to proclaim, “This is good, Mom!” You better believe I’m capitalizing on that! I decide what I want Sam to eat that day; we wash whatever we’re using (and talk about germs) and then I let him create! I think it’s helping our whole family eat better, too.

While we’re working together we have time to joke and talk about lots of topics so I slip in things about getting stronger and bigger when we eat healthily. It is effective because Sam has been much more adventuresome in what he is willing to eat. I really think it helps that we’ve been “playing” with our food. We make up lots of silly stories while we’re creating.

For the orange monsters, I cut wedges out of each orange and then Sam used the cut out pieces for monster teeth and hair. You can see how we use other fruit and even a couple of chocolate chips on my post for B-Inspired Mama. You can let kids really get creative—and you can convince them it’s a lot more fun to eat fruit monsters than dumb old candy. Sometimes!

Create your own healthy dessert with help from these great ideas gathered by the crew at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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