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Healthy Ideas for Kids

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My oldest has just started pre-school. I feel like trumpets should be blowing or the sky should be changing colors! He is going to have fun learning and making new friends. My youngest and I will have opportunities to spend more one-on-one time together. I’ll be freed up a little to pursue my photography and kitchen adventures. I know all of these things are good. I also admit to experiencing a measure of mommy remorse when my little guy walked into his new class.

 Healthy Ideas for Kids

Let’s just say I’m glad it is pre-school and not his freshman year of college.

In my pre-mommy days, I was the teacher that other parents were entrusting their darlings to. It sure feels different on this side.

To prepare Big Brother for the changes, this last month we’ve been talking a lot about what kind of things will be happening at school and trying to reinforce healthy habits like hand washing and eating fruits and vegetables.

Bowl of Fresh Veggies

The boys and I had fun making “veggie monsters” this week. I cleaned a tray of vegetables and used my spiralizer to create crazy monster hair.

 Paper Cup Crafts

Next I had the boys glue googly eyes on cups and then I asked them what sort of face they wanted each cup to have.

Happy/sad faces plus sound effects and a few flourishes of my marker produced lots of giggles and veggie monsters that the boys were eager to decimate.

 Paper Cup Crafts for Kids

So there’s a way to get your kids to eat their vegetables!

Another thing we’ve been doing to prepare for the new season is our entire family has begun taking daily vitamins. I know firsthand that kids typically pass around germs when school starts and I decided we are not participating: ain’t nobody got time to be sick!

Smarty Pants Multivitamin

We are taking SmartyPants vitamins+. Already my boys are bringing the SmartyPants Kids Complete bottle to me and asking to take them. Yes, they’re that good. The gummies are yummy in orange, lemon and strawberry banana.

Even better than the taste is what’s in them—and what’s not. SmartyPants are full of premium vitamins and nutrients, including omega 3s, Vitamin D3 and B12.Paper Cup Crafts for Kids

All of the SmartyPants products are completely non-GMO. They contain no synthetic colors, flavors, sweeteners (including high fructose corn syrup) or preservatives and they are free of gluten, yeast, wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, fish allergens, shellfish and salicylates.

Impressive, yes?

Also impressive is the extensive testing and purity level of SmartyPants. I think they are going to make a positive difference for my boys.

Easy Veggie Cups for Kids

Vitamins and veggie monsters might be their new best friends!

You can find SmartyPants online and at over 20 major retailers.

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