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Halloween Birthday Party

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Table of Contents
  1. A Whole New Level of Creepy for a Halloween Party!
  2. Check out more great Halloween party ideas:
  3. Plus, don't miss out on this Wicked Good Halloween Party

Every birthday party needs a theme idea to jump-start the planning process. Invitations, decorations, a cake, and favors all show up on a supplies list but if you don’t add a dose of inspiration, you don’t have much of a party. Justine, of Sensationally Sweet Events, definitely found inspiration for her son’s 7th birthday theme: The Haunted House. This birthday party is the stuff of a girl or boy’s dreams—or nightmares! 

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A Whole New Level of Creepy for a Halloween Party!

This party plays on the dark recesses of the imagination. The black and purple dessert table appear to be the providence of a most wicked entity. Even the names of the “treats” conjure up horrid images: Teeth and Ogre Teeth, Dried Blood Drops, Skull Crushers, Zombie Brains, Witches’ Fingers, Poisoned Chocolate, and Dead Cane Toads are just a few of the offerings.

Bright acid green and blood red colors pop against the dark background, with great effect. Some sort of specimen is attempting to crawl out of the green slime. That should make a child squirm with delight. The symmetry (not cemetery) arrangement on the table itself is quite masterful. Along with the black and purple satin cloth, black serving pedestals, crystal bowls, and silver trays set quite a regal tone; fanciful calligraphy on the food labels reinforces elegance.

Contrasting this elegance with horror produces a perverse kind of fascination. Spiders, skulls, and severed hands ramp up the macabre factor. No cheery birthday cake, but you will find a skull topping layers of a black and purple, ghost and bat-infested confection. Witch’s cauldrons contain cupcakes, too. A beverage bar shrouded in black is a good spot for the dry ice to produce more of that feeling of a witch’s cauldron.

We are not sure if anyone would dare drink the water here—but it’s offered. Did you ever see Mona Lisa looking so gaunt?! A cauldron of purple bubble gum offers a clever play on Shakespeare. Much attention has been paid to accents for this birthday party that is sure to send chills up any little kid’s back. Look closely at these pictures for more details…if you dare! 

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Plus, don’t miss out on this Wicked Good Halloween Party

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