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Grab Your Hard Hat for this Construction Themed Birthday Party!

Table of Contents
  1. They did an amazing job building this construction party!
  2. Create your own construction themed party with these party supplies:
  3. More Construction Party Ideas You Will Love.
  4. Plus, don't miss out on 45 Construction Birthday Party Ideas...

Many little boys love to build! A construction party theme celebrates that love in a special way!

This fantastic construction themed birthday party was created by Maja at Sugar Coated Candy & Dessert Buffets based in Melbourne.

It was created for the son of Izabela from Bela Designs, who did all the event stationary.

Construction and Party

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They did an amazing job building this construction party!

Guests were greeted by a decorated doorway announcing Lincoln’s third birthday.

As the guests came in, each child received a hard hat with a customized sticker with their name.

I think the blueprints at the “construction zone” hard hat pick up area are a great touch.

A sign on a counter

The tables and decorations are incredible! I love that the construction theme is carried through everywhere you look.

Supplies for the theme were found at It’s a Party, Hire It, Cover It.

Construction and Party

Guests enjoyed tool shaped cookies served out of a toolbox, cake pops, and candy.

Construction and Party

I think the crane bucket filled with rum balls is a great touch. There are also candy bars with custom wrappers.

Construction and Party

The cake and cupcakes from Cakes by Tan are incredible. I love the little details with the dump truck full of rocks on top.

A close up of a toy

I also really like the Lincoln sign on the front.

A stack of flyers on a table

Guests can also stop the “filling station” to grab a drink.

Construction and Party

The kids table is awesome! Notice that their silverware is in the shape of tools! Every detail has been thought out and included.

Lunch is packed in bright orange lunch boxes. The glass bottles with striped straws and custom labels are so cute too.

Party and Birthday

I love the simplicity of the favor boxes. The construction tape on them is a great touch.

Construction and Party

Kid guests enjoyed digging in the dirt in the construction area in the backyard.

A construction site

For kids who didn’t want to get dirty, the drawing table is a great idea for keeping them busy.

I think it’s fantastic that they chose large blueprints as the drawing material.

Construction and Party

Create your own construction themed party with these party supplies:

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  • Striped Paper Straws
  • Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site
  • Construction Worker Role Play Set
  • Construction Worksite Utensil Set
  • Construction Worker Rubber Ducky Party Favors
  • Construction Sign Cutouts
  • Construction Cone Molded Candles
  • Little Construction Site Sticker Activity Book
  • Construction Mini Bubbles
  • Toystate CAT Tough Tracks
  • Under Construction Birthday Zone Warning Tape
  • Construction Hard Hat
  • Black Paper Plates
  • Yellow Paper Cups
  • Toolbox & Stepping Stool
  • Orange Construction Cones
  • Wooden Project Workbench
  • Portable Warning Light
  • Large Dump Truck

More Construction Party Ideas You Will Love.

Plus, don’t miss out on 45 Construction Birthday Party Ideas

Party and Construction

Proudly Prepared by the Spaceships Kitchen

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