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Gorgeous Thanksgiving Decorations for a Family Dinner

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Table of Contents
  1. Beautiful Thanksgiving Party Supplies
  2. More Ideas to Make Thanksgiving Special
  3. What are your favorite Thanksgiving decorations?

Boys love party food! They seem to have the idea that they should make an entire Thanksgiving meal disappear in less time than it takes us to set the table! Ahh, but that doesnt keep us moms from fussing in the kitchen and doing holiday decorations for the dining room and making up fancy dessert tables, does it? Mindy, from Creative Juice, offers some lovely ideas for setting a traditional themed Thanksgiving table.

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Her supplies are readily available, yet the gracious mood she establishes is quite the invitation to sit and savor the meal, the company and the season. In the days before the Thanksgiving celebration, Mindy makes a thankful tree. She places a bare branch in some type of vase and anchors it with marbles, nuts, or shells et cetera, and adds a decorative medallion.

Friends and family are invited to write what they are thankful for on paper leaves, which are then tied onto the tree branch. So, not only is it an inspiring decoration, but reading what everyone has written can be a good conversation starter during the actual feast, too.

Mindy established a focal centerpiece on the main table by heaping miniature gourds and pumpkins on a cake pedestal; she surrounds that with a circle of leaves. Not difficult, yet it adds seasonal color. Shes used a cream colored table cover and coordinating place mats under each place setting. Course dishes are in autumn tones; decorative medallions, place cards and napkin rings all carry Thanksgiving emblems and sentiments to tie everything together.

Beautiful Thanksgiving Party Supplies

  • Miniature Pumpkins & Gourds
  • Fall Maple Leaves

The kids table uses the thankful tree as a centerpiece. A slender vase holds orange colored lollipops and a pine cone turkey completes the arrangement. This table is covered with a Thanksgiving themed paper cloth; a kraft paper runner is a nice contrast. It masks the usual non-embellished center of the cover, too. More paper leaves are scattered around the table for additional color.

All that is missing from this picture is the Thanksgiving feastbut with such simple decoration ideas, youll have plenty of time to get that made. You might even have time to bake fancy French macarons; Mindy covers the how-to in her book: Gourmet French Macarons. She offers over 75 shapes and 75 flavor ideas! Besides giving you her recipes, shape templates are provided in a CD that accompanies this book. Thats one more thing to be thankful for this season!

More Ideas to Make Thanksgiving Special

Do you want to get the conversation started this Thanksgiving? Gathering for a family meal is a great way to create special memories. Sometimes though, it’s nice to have help deciding what to talk about. That’s where this Melissa & Doug Thanksgiving Box Of Questions is so fantastic! Filled with 82 conversation starter cards, it’s a great way to share memories while creating new ones as a family. Since the questions are all family friendly, kids as young as four can join in with their own thoughts.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving decorations?

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