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Gorgeous Playroom Ideas for Boys

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We’re part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network and this post has been generously sponsored by…but the cool playroom ideas are all mine!

My little guys play all over the house. But just like the moon circles the earth, my boys seem to follow me wherever I’m working—you know how that goes! Most times I’m fine with that, really, but some jobs are easier/safer if little fellows aren’t underfoot. We have a dedicated playroom that is a safe space for semi-supervised free play. We’ve been adding some cool décor ideas and it’s really coming together.

Gorgeous Playroom Ideas for Boys

My husband made the boys an awesome tent and they love to play in it. In addition to eating snacks and reading in the tent, they role-play as explorers, frontiersman and of course, cowboys and Indians. Amazingly, naptime has even happened there a couple of times.

Playroom Artwork Ideas

The desk/art center is one of my favorite ideas. The boys use it in multiple ways, including as a terrific spot for coloring and creating.

Playroom Decor Ideas for Boys

Boy's Playroom Decor

The boys’ workbench is also in the playroom and we have an assortment of books, cars, puzzles, dinosaurs, etc., in storage cubbies.

Dinosaur Decal for the Playroom

In addition to the usual fun boy-toys found in a playroom, I’ve wanted to add something more to the walls. When I saw the possibilities from Custom Vinyl Décor, I knew I’d found my something.

The potential choices at Custom Vinyl Décor are amazing. You can choose from motivational sayings, scriptures, superheroes, popular children’s books sayings and characters. And dinosaurs. My boys are especially fascinated with the giant dinosaur I ordered!

Playroom Ideas for Boys

I also thought a silhouette of our state would be cool. They have a ton of other designs, too, in a variety of colors. They will customize designs to your specifications.

Best Vinyl Decals for Kid's Rooms

I found the decals easy to mount on my wall. They’re a quality matte vinyl. Although the decals are designed to last for years, they say they can be easily removed if you decide to redecorate. RE-decorating is not on my current radar!

Vinyl Decal for Playroom

A cool thing about the company that intrigued me is how the founders of this company include their kids in the business. Each of the kids have their own company responsibilities that help them learn financial responsibility even as they develop work ethic and business skills.

Hmm. How can my boys help with my photography…Not.Happening.Yet.

I also appreciate the Custom Vinyl Decor workforce is a network of stay-at-home moms. I’m all for women being able to work from home while still enjoying their roles as moms.

Playroom Storage Ideas

And I’m all for great playroom décor that the boys can’t knock off the walls!

Playroom Before and After

While I’ve been working on our playroom, I’ve found a ton of excellent ideas for kid-friendly set-ups and ways to organize. Here are some of my favorite organization tips:

  • I’m loving the storage cubbies. Whether you choose to add cubes, buckets or totes, it’s a great way to corral toys. I’m thinking it makes sense to secure the base to the wall. Kids love to climb!
  • Labels, color codes or pictures help kids know which toys go where.
  • Unless you’re trying to keep the kids from playing with specific items, keep in mind that little ones won’t be able to reach (or take care of) their toys on those taller storage units.
  • My boys love hats. A curtain rod with clip rings is an easy way to store their hat collection, as well as costume pieces like superhero capes.
  • A magnetic strip, like the kind used for a knife rack, makes a great wall display for little metal cars.
  • A designated desk and art center is super for playing with dough, goop and slime (favorites around our house).
  • Store crayons and washable markers in clear plastic kitchen canisters.
  • Baker’s twine and colored clothes pins are a fun way to display art projects and it makes swapping out the boys’ latest drawings easy.
  • Balls aren’t so simple to store except if you build a box shape whose sides are stretchy rope. It looks cool and the boys can pull out (and put back) their chosen ball without all of them tumbling out on the floor.
  • Puzzle pieces aren’t lost if you keep them in legal-sized, expandable envelopes. I like the see-thru poly ones. Store the envelopes in a cubby.

Gorgeous Playroom for Boys

Of course a playroom needs to evolve as kids get older, but these ideas are a great start for organization.

Don’t forget to check out the Custom Vinyl Décor website for specifics on how to personalize any space in the house.

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